#AvGeek100: Airlines, Airports & Other Stakeholders Leaderboard

Wow! It's been an incredibly busy (yet amazing) few days at Routes HQ as we continue on our quest to discover the most influential people in aviation on Twitter!

With over 1,683 tweets from 745 different tweeters reaching nearly 2m people our quest is truly reaching dizzying heights, and there is still lots of time remaining before nominations close on Friday 23rd August.

Last night we asked...


... and as a community you responded in numbers! Therefore, we have started a separate leaderboard where you can see how the airlines, airports and other aviation industry stakeholders stack up on twitter, enjoy!

Do you wish to nominate?

To let us know who is worth following, click the "Tweet @Routesonline" button below to use this prepopulated tweet (change the @twitterhandle to your desired account):


Richard Maslen

Richard Maslen has travelled across the globe to report on developments in the aviation sector as airlines and airports have continued to evolve and…