Qantas Reveals Plan To Open Engineering Academy

Qantas tail of A330
Credit: Qantas

Qantas plans to establish its own engineering training academy as part of its efforts to meet its ambitious staff hiring goals over the next 10 years.

The carrier said the engineering academy will have the capacity to train up to 300 engineers per year. Qantas aims to select a location for the facility in 2023, and it plans to begin training the first students in 2025.

The academy will provide aviation engineers for the broader aviation industry as well as the Qantas Group. Qantas estimates it will need about 200 new engineer recruits every year to meet its growth goals and account for retirements.

Qantas said it will work with unions and the industry to determine how the academy will operate, including how it will fit with existing apprenticeship programs. The group plans to “collaborate with registered training providers” for the academy.

The carrier plans to hire more than 30,000 frontline staff across all areas of its business over the next 10 years to handle growth and attrition. This will give it about 32,000 employees in total by 2033, compared with its current workforce of 23,500.

The 8,500 new positions are expected to comprise 4,500 cabin crew; 1,600 pilots; 800 engineers and 1,600 other operational roles.

Adrian Schofield

Adrian is a senior air transport editor for Aviation Week, based in New Zealand. He covers commercial aviation in the Asia-Pacific region.