A300 Yearly Deliveries From 1974 To 2007

The Airbus A300B1 took off for the first time in Toulouse on Oct. 28, 1972, marking the start of an industrial, political and ultimately economic success story that is called Airbus and continues today.

A300 marked technical and industrial milestones. It was the first European widebody aircraft, and it introduced the concept of only two engines on a widebody. There was skepticism by the establishment for years and one of the reasons the airliner’s commercial breatkthrough took so long. 

Fifty years on, let's look at some data. The aircraft manufacturer delivered 816 of its A300 variant from 1974 to 2007. The launch customer was Air France in 1974. 

The A310 variant was launched by Swissair in 1983. Saudi Arabian Airlines in mid-1984 first flew the A300-600. 

Its cargo iteration is the Airbus Beluga which launched in 1995.  

* Main picture credit: Airbus



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