Air Transport Month

Welcome to Air Transport Month 2020. A virtual experience that will gather the community to assess what we learned from shutdown, the path forward to recovery and what analysts predict for 2021 and beyond.


See the draft agenda below and look out for more fireside chats with airline CEOs and leaders, and live webinars discussing everything from sustainable aviation fuels, pilot supply and demand, Boeing 737 MAX's return to service, an IATA AGM panel discussion and more. 


Nov. 9

Photo Gallery: A History of the Airbus A380

Data & Analysis: Airline Profitability in 2020—Who's Surviving?

ASM Whitepaper: Airport Catchment Analytics: A Detailed View of an Airport Catchment Area

Nov. 10

Photo Gallery: The Future of Commercial Narrowbodies

Fast Five with ASM: Traffic Forecasting

Nov. 11

CAPA Live: Winners and Losers Of The Pandemic Looking Forward Ten Years— Register here.

Photo Gallery: Boeing 747 Through the Years

Data & Analysis: CAPA Regional Data 

Event Partnership: GAD World 2020 virtual conference- Uniting Global Airport Leaders And Investors for 27 Years. Register here. 

Fast Five with ASM: Long Term Forecasting

Nov. 12

CAPA Chairman's Lounge: Business Model Survivors

Photo Gallery: Electric/Hybrid Aircraft Prototypes

ASM Product Briefing: Catchment Analyser

Nov. 13

CAPA Regional Aviation Outlook

Data & Analysis: Corporate v Leisure Stats

ASM Data & Analysis: TBD

Feature: Regional Outlook North America

Nov. 16

Feature: Post-US Election: What Does It Mean For Commercial Aviation?

Photo Gallery: Flight Simulators & Trainers

CAPA Regional Aviation Outlook

Expert Opinion Video: AAPA (Airlines of Asia Pacific Association) Director General

Inside The Boardroom: Gary Kelly, CEO and Chairman, Southwest Airlines

ASM Whitepaper: Trend Analysis | Simplifying the Route Decision Process

Feature: Regional Outlook Latin America

Nov. 17

Feature: Health & Hygiene Developments/ Global Quarantine Status

Feature: Narrowbodies vs Widebodies

Inside The Boardroom: Robin Hayes, CEO, JetBlue

CAPA Focus On Distribution And Revenue Management With Travelport 

Expert Opinion Video: AASA Sec. Gen (African Airlines) 

Photo Gallery: Innovations

Nov. 18

Feature: Engines

Feature: Sustainability

Photo Gallery: Aircraft Interiors

Expert Opinion Video: Patrick Edmond (Consultant)

Fast Five with ASM: Planning an Airline Network

Feature: Regional Outlook Middle East

Nov. 19

Feature: MRO Market Outlook

Feature: Pilot Supply, Demand & Training Outlook

CAPA Skyscanner: Global Travel Insight & Search Data 

Photo Gallery: Special Airline Liveries

Expert Opinion Video: AFRAA Sec Gen (African Airlines)

Webinar: Air Safety Relative To The Pandemic

Inside The Boardroom: Henrick Hololei, European Commission Mobility & Air Transport Director General

Nov. 20

Feature: Sanitizing Technologies And Contactless Systems

Feature: Leasing Market Outlook

Expert Opinion Video: A4E President Thomas Raynaert 

Feature: Low-Cost Carriers

Inside The Boardroom: Alexandre de Juniac, IATA Director General

ASM Data & Analysis: TBD

Nov. 23

Feature: Aircraft Interiors

Feature: Cargo Conversions

CAPA Data Knowledge Bank

Expert Opinion Video: ERA Sec Gen

ASM Whitepaper: Airlines & Airports: What do Airlines Need Out of This Relationship

Nov. 24

Feature: MRO Market Outlook

Feature: Regional Outlook Europe

Photo Gallery: Sustainable Aircraft Development

Fast Five with ASM: Marketing to Airlines

Expert Opinion Video: Air Caraibes CEO Mark Rochet

Nov. 25

CAPA Bow Tie Buyer Briefing With CTC 

Fast Five with ASM: Negotiating with Airlines

Feature: Low-Cost Carriers

Feature: Regional Outlook Africa

Expert Opinion Video: Air Astana CEO Peter Foster

Nov. 26

 ASM Data & Analysis

Nov. 30

Photo Gallery: Future Travel

Fast Facts: Largest Airports By Pax Numbers & Takeoffs

Fast Facts: Busiest Routes By Pax Volume 

ASM Whitepaper: Route to Recovery | How to Facilitate Recovery in 2021

Feature: Regional Outlook Australia

Expert Opinion Video: Avianca CEO Anko von der Werff

Dec. 1

CAPA CTC Masterclass Series

Fast Facts: Fastest Growing Routes Since Pandemic Break Out

Photo Gallery: Airport Contactless Systems

Fast Five with ASM: TBD

Feature: Regional Outlook Japan, Korea

Dec. 2

Photo Gallery: Airport Lounges

Fast Facts: Fastest Growing Airlines Since Pandemic Break Out 

Feature: How Pandemic Disruption Will Eventually Be Good For Airlines

Feature: Regional Outlook South-East Asia

Expert Opinion Video: Vienna Tourism CEO Norbert Kettner

Dec. 3

Fast Facts: Largest Airline Fleets

Feature: Regional Outlook China

Expert Opinion Video: Tronos Aviation Consulting Managing Officer Gary Weissel

Dec. 4 

Fast Facts: Top Domestic Markets

Fast Facts: Top International Markets

ASM Data & Analytics: State Interventions & Border Restrictions