VIDEO LEARNING: 23 Seconds Can Make a Difference

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During this live video session, you will learn how you can prevent aircraft misfuelling. Join our digital webinar as Keith Clark, Senior Quality and Technical Representative at Phillips 66® Aviation uncovers how learning from past mistakes can prevent another tragedy from happening. From communication to training, discover how you can avoid misfuellings by educating yourself on processes and getting access to online resources. Join the campaign and save a life by verifying fuel type.

What the aviation industry can learn from past aircraft misfuellings:

  • Aircraft misfuelling is preventable if people communicate and verify fuel type
  • Training ourselves and staff helps prevent misfuelling 
  • Take the updated training at
  • Online Training from NATA Safety 1st and ACE SafetyPro
  • Join the Campaign:  “Save a Life – Verify Fuel Type”




Keith Clark
Senior Quality Control and Technical Representative - Phillips 66


Molly McMillin - Moderator
Editor-in-Chief, The Weekly of Business Aviation - Aviation Week


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