Video: Drones At Farm Progress 2022—Definitely Not An Airshow

Aviation Week found itself at Informa's Farm Progress show, the largest outdoor farm event in the U.S., and came across uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV).

Taylor Moreland, the owner of Agri Spray Drones, the largest U.S. distributor of agricultural drones, breaks down the benefits of his UAVs and explains why they are not a threat to crop dusters.   

Joe Anselmo

Joe Anselmo has been Editorial Director of the Aviation Week Network and Editor-in-Chief of Aviation Week & Space Technology since 2013. Based in Washington, D.C., he directs a team of more than two dozen aerospace journalists across the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific.


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I suspect the only people who could afford this are big industrial farms. But wait! They have big fields that can be covered by turbine powered Grumman crop dusters. Oh how I miss the sound of an un-throated gas powered radial engine. That is a bygone age. Can only hear one if one goes to an airshow now. I miss the "bull" Stearmans with 400 h.p. radials and stressed for crazy aerobatics. I hear the whine of the turbine at home and go outside. So low I can read the N number off the side of the "duster" plane when they fly over the area. Doesn't bother me in the least bit as I know those pilots know what they are doing.
Unfortunately the run-of-the-mill farmer isn't going to be able to afford this "drone" technology. Period!!! Maybe if a dedicated "drone duster" company can offer services that an extremely frugal farmer will accept, yeah it might work out for the drone company. Sounds too expensive to me at this time. Kurt