Supply Chain Efficiencies Touted for Japanese Aerospace Recovery

Incora Japan G.K. is the new, registered name for Wesco Aircraft Japan G.K., the local representative of the Incora group of companies created earlier this year with the merger of Wesco and Pattonair. As in other countries, Incora Japan reduces complexity and increases reliability, enabling customers to deliver mission-critical solutions that improve our world.

Since early 2020, Incora Japan has implemented Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Just in Time (JIT) delivery of parts for several aircraft manufacturing companies via a 3PL warehouse in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture. The company also plans to launch new services for chemical products in the coming months, including Chemical Distribution and Chemical Management Services. Adding the Japan business to over 60 worldwide locations as part of its global expansion, Incora incorporates into its customers' businesses, managing all aspects of supply chain from procurement to warehouse management to logistics to onsite customer service.

The benefits of inventory reduction, increased cash flow and office efficiencies from Incora have contributed greatly to the competitiveness of companies who use Incora services. At the same time, Incora provides high levels of on-time performance. Incora is now positioned to provide innovative supply chain services to the aerospace industry in Japan.

As commercial aircraft production rates have significantly dropped due to the global pandemic, companies all over the world have been forced to take measures against excess inventory and surplus personnel. They are looking for cost reduction and efficiencies wherever possible. Incora will help them accelerate and build on important supply chain solutions, from utilizing innovative supply chain platforms to creating accurate forecasts that drive working capital down, to delivering offerings on time and in full.

It is expected that the aircraft industry will recover from the global pandemic, so the benefits of using a supply chain management company such as Incora to create a lean supply chain are more important than ever to ensure on-time delivery, reduce waste and reduce costs as demand grows. The newly registered company of Incora Japan stands ready to add value to our customers' operations in Japan through innovative supply chain solutions.

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