Achieve Program Excellence With Integrated Program Planning And Execution



Meet cost, schedule and technical requirements with Siemens Digital Industries Software




  • Closed-loop execution-to-bid system continuously updates bid data based on past performance.
  • Use historical, managed, controlled bid data to ensure accuracy and reduce bid and proposal expense.
  • Create a fully traceable bid system – trace SOW elements, requirements to logical, functional, physical architecture as well to task scheduling.
  • Single integrated source of program management artifacts and information – changes update all artifacts.
  • Integrated closed-loop change process rapidly and accurately in-corporates changes to the program plan, SOW, schedule, WBS, budget for efficient real-time program changes.


Program planning and execution excellence are essential to business success in the aerospace and defense industry. The entry of new, lower-cost and more responsive providers is an increasing threat as programs continue to miss cost and delivery targets. As established providers are being forced to become more efficient and to reduce direct and indirect expenses, they are turning to integrated program planning and execution systems to ensure bid accuracy and completeness, reduce bid and proposal expenses, and control program costs and schedules.

New product development launch preparation and subsequent execution requires the definition of a strong business case and program plan. The process needed to define these involves cross-functional teams and multiple iterations as the preliminary designs mature. Most enterprises rely on Word documents, Excel spreadsheet software and various scheduling tools.

With these disconnected systems, gaining a clear view of what is happening within a program is nearly impossible, and that is a major factor in a high percentage of program failures.

Siemens' integrated program planning and execution (IPP&E) solution is based on a common work breakdown structure (WBS). With it, you can create estimates based on past performance and integrate cost, schedule, requirements, processes, inputs and outputs for a complete work package definition. It is a single source for all program estimating and execution information, including risk and opportunity management. It supports Integrated Master Plan, Integrated Master Schedule and Earned Value Management. The solution enables you to successfully deliver programs, ultimately improving profits, reputation and the ability to invest in and win new programs.

Defense contract management

The importance of an accurate bid during the proposal phase and control of program costs and schedules during execution has been well recognized for decades. Maintaining historical program data based on best practices and lessons learned can help companies quickly fulfill a specific bid for a request for proposal (RFP) or internal project. The Siemens solution enables users to create a standard bid library that has information on a number of company-defined filters. By bidding and performing work in a consistent manner, customers realize improved program execution while ensuring that program requirements are being met.


Benefits continued

  • Incorporate risk and opportunity assessment and mitigation into the program; trace risk to mitigation plan to SOW, schedule and budget.
  • Eliminate unauthorized "scope creep"—only authorized work is included in employees' inboxes.
  • Support Earned Value Management Systems though disciplined earning reporting.
  • Maintain versions/revisions of all program management artifacts with the ability to support baselining.


  • Requirements management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Document management (CDRL/SDRL)
  • Configuration and change management
  • Schedule, cost and risk management

Program launch and execution

New product development launch preparation and subsequent execution requires the definition of a strong business case and program plan. The process needed to define these involves cross-functional teams and multiple iterations as preliminary designs mature.

Each of these teams using disconnected software tools makes it difficult to understand overall picture. Integrated program planning and execution provides the ability to generate a complete program-specific plan (technical requirements, work breakdown structure, risk/ opportunity, cost estimate, integrated master plan and policy/procedures defining standard work, planning eBOM, logical structure, etc.) from a library based on program experience.



Program execution framework

Standard product development approaches, practices and procedures are disconnected from the execution systems, giving little visibility on the compliance of these practices. Lessons learned from previous bid pursuits, program launches, and executions rarely make their way back into the program execution framework, leading to repeated process inefficiencies during execution.

A comprehensive solution

Siemens provides a systems approach to program planning and execution by integrating cost, schedule and technical requirements in a fully planned, resourced and budgeted program management solution. Thus, it increases the probability of executing programs that adhere to cost and schedule requirements by maximizing the re-use of bids, business cases, and program artifacts. The integrated program planning and execution solution provides a system to manage all program artifacts and provides complete traceability to all such artifacts. Program execution knowledge is captured and managed continuously within the program execution framework.


Streamlined implementation

Siemens provides a complete implementation catalyst to help you accelerate your return-on-investment (ROI) and achieve program execution excellence. The catalyst provides documentation of the detailed business process, step-by-step implementation instructions and Teamcenter® software configuration data. A sample data set is provided as well as a detailed script to execute the business process, enabling customers to set up an environment in which their employees can conduct hands-on process walkthroughs.

Closed-loop, integrated solution

Siemens' IPP&E solution provides a closed-loop integrated program management, bid management and risk management system that is tightly woven into a core product lifecycle management (PLM) function. The solution provides exceptional time-to-value for your program management investment.