Five Ways Digitalization Disrupts The Aircraft Certification Process

Digital certification management establishes a standardized system among development teams, manufacturers, OEMs and the supply chain to deliver consistency within the data sets. It enables A&D firms to create enforceable workflows based on responsibilities throughout the extended enterprise to make certification activities a shared responsibility. The common platform provides visibility into airworthiness status through real-time dashboard reporting and analytics to keep programs on schedule and budget. Through secure, cloud-based services, certification data can be created, modified, linked and traced – at any time, from anywhere.

Our verification management digital thread enables a comprehensive digital twin of A&D development programs, which accelerates the certification process by incorporating workflow-initiated verification and certification tasks into daily product development activities. This streamlined, closed-loop approach integrates verification and certification dependencies into the overall aircraft program plan, so certification goals are met at every development step.

A digital approach to verification and certification management brings with it many far-reaching benefits. This ebook explores five of the most meaningful ways a verification and certification digital thread – woven from requirements through verification and onto certification – impacts typical aerospace and defense (A&D) programs for the better.