From The Archives: Largest Access Stand Developed For C-5A

This cover, from Nov. 13, 1972, shows the largest self-propelled aircraft maintenance access stand in place around the empennage of the Lockheed C-5A at Travis Air Force Base in California. 

The access stand weighed 70 tons. and was built by Federal Sign & Signal Aerosupport Div.

The C-5 Galaxy is an intercontinental-range, heavy-lift military cargo/personnel-transport aircraft. It made its first flight in June 1968; 81 of the C-5A model were produced through 1973. Two C-5As were subsequently modified to handle large payloads, and received the new designation C-5C. 

If you're a subscriber, you can delve deeper into this issue where you will find a story about how British Aircraft Corp. and France's Aerospatiale are concentrating on selling the Concorde supersonic transport as "a businessman's aircraft that would show a profit even at surcharged fares". Find this on page 30. 


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