What do you do if your Gulfstream G650 is marooned on Antarctica’s blue ice Wolf’s Fang airport and an engine won’t start? You call Rolls-Royce, or push the AOG (aircraft on ground) button on the Rolls-Royce Business Aviation Availability App. Help will be on the way within 24 hours and the problem fixed. For free, if you’re a member of Rolls-Royce’s pay-by-the-hour Corporate Care program.

When the engine-maker says it will respond anywhere in the world, it means anywhere. To change an engine on a Gulfstream stuck at Masset, on an island in British Columbia near the Arctic, Rolls-Royce rented a C-130 transport and flew out a spare engine and rescue team.

“We do whatever it takes,” says Andy Robinson, Deputy SVP Services – Civil Aerospace and VP for Business Aviation. For really cold climates the rescue kit even includes a heated, windproof tent that encloses the engine while technicians work inside in the warm.

Rolls-Royce wasn’t overly concerned about Deer Jet flying a G650 to the Antarctic—a destination the Chinese company pioneered late last year. The BR725 engines have been tested in extreme conditions.

“We know the aircraft that's doing it. And we know the aircraft's on Corporate Care, which is good,” says Robinson. The G650 gives us excellent data during every flight. And so we can understand and see the health of the engine. We can monitor it very closely.”

Most won’t test CorporateCare to that degree. And Rolls-Royce doesn’t have more people than it does in China because engine events are so rare, he says.

Nevertheless, the company is adding resources to ensure support for the growing fleet in Greater China and those aircraft that visit. The latest is a parts availability warehouse in Beijing, opening in September, that holds all the spares needed for on-wing maintenance. These parts are available to CorporateCare customers on an exchange basis, meaning there are no customs delays. “We hope to clear them within two hours,” says Robinson.

More than 2,200 Rolls-Royce-powered business jets are now enrolled in the company’s CorporateCare engine maintenance program, with close to 80% of new aircraft deliveries signing up. Some 98% of all engine-related AOGs are resolved within 24 hours, with a current trend of 22 hours.

Aircraft covered include Gulfstreams, Bombardier Globals, Embraer Legacy and Cessna Citation X models. Booth H2412