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on Dec 8, 2017

The pic of the A5 and the Black Falcons are spectacular. The lighting on the A5 is beautiful and the framing/moment of the Black Falcons is equally amazing. Makes me want to grab my camera and take some pictures.

on Dec 8, 2017

Ohhhh, that Tiger.

on Dec 8, 2017

While the photos are interesting, they all have a 'so what' quality to them.

on Dec 8, 2017

Sounds more like you are projecting your own state of mind rather than commenting on the images.

on Dec 9, 2017

Agree, nothing realy special other than camera trickery.

on Dec 10, 2017

C'mon guys - not so negative. These are superb shots, seeing aircraft they way we rarely if ever see them. It's a bit like the absolute wonder I feel when I stand in the top-paddock of my property and see wedgetail eagles [the birds, not the planes!] from ABOVE, hunting for food in the valley below - when I can see them all the time around here by looking up at their featureless silhouettes against a bright sky. Good photography is documenting the moments other people miss. Congratulations to all winners - feel proud and be proud.

on Dec 10, 2017

Agree !!!

on Dec 10, 2017

Agree, Good pictures of aircrafts for sure. As an aviation enthusiast and photographer it's difficult to fully appreciate the art compared to what is out there.

on Dec 11, 2017

Well done gentlemen, always makes my heart soar!!!

on Dec 16, 2017

They should be good photos for a bunch of pro's that get paid for taking pictures. I had a pentax with a 300 mm zoom that i bought in the 70s in the military. Think i had a chance , not hardly. My p-40 pick and zero pic turned out great. Maybe next year, thanks.

on Jan 7, 2018

Is it somehow possible to get some of these pictures with a decent quality? Thanks!!

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