About The Aviation Week Network

The aviation, aerospace, and defense industry’s most trusted brands have moved as one force. A multi-channel service provider, decision engine and marketplace, with deep databases and integrated workflow tools that support action, the Aviation Week Network brings you the power of breadth and the strength of depth to prevail in a challenging and fast-paced industry. Our staff of more than 50 editors and analysts around the world delivers an unsurpassed portfolio of information products and services for all sectors of the aerospace and defense industry. From award winning publications to online analytical services, the Aviation Week Network provides intelligence that informs and enables the global aerospace and defense industry and provides professionals with a strategic business advantage.

The Aviation Week Network is a division of Penton.

Industry-Leading Editorial Products

Anchored by its flagship publications covering news, analysis and technological innovations across the aviation, aerospace and defense sectors, the Aviation Week Network continues to grow and evolve its portfolio to meet the needs of business professionals.

  • Aviation Week & Space Technology
  • Air Transport World
  • Business & Commercial Aviation

Data and Intelligence Services

With the development of higher value analytical tools, markets and customers are empowered with the essential data they need. Led by the Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN) and AC-U-KWIK, our data analysts deliver actionable intelligence for the global commercial, defense, maintenance/repair/overhaul (MRO), space and business aviation communities.

  • Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN)
  • MRO Prospector
  • Aviation Daily
  • Aerospace Daily & Defense Report
  • The Weekly of Business Aviation
  • Aircraft Bluebook
  • Air Charter Guide
  • Airportdata.com
  • SpeedNews


Aviation Week Conferences and Exhibitions are designed to complement our publications and online tools by providing an opportunity to connect with industry leaders and peer communities face-to-face. Our conferences and management forums provide a unique environment for delivering the most timely and accurate intelligence available combined with interactive sessions and networking opportunities.

For more information on our conferences and management forums or to register visit or Events site.


With an unrivaled reach of over 1.2 million executives and professionals at manufacturers, commercial airlines, armed forces and government agencies and corporate flight departments, Aviation Week provides sellers with numerous opportunities to connect with their target audiences in print, online and onsite. Whether you are targeting a specific market sector, a specific region or the entire global aerospace and defense industry Aviation Week has a solution to ensure your message is seen by the right people at the right time. Learn about advertising and marketing solutions for your company in our Media Kit.

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