What Capabilities Does the Next Generation of Cockpits Offer?

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on Jun 25, 2017

This may sound crazy - but these guys should study some video game interfaces. A few are masterpieces in being very intuitive while offering fast access to an incredible amount of task grouped actions and data.

Brilliantly refined by millions of real player hours- staples of MMO + MOBA PVP design like "tab target" to scan through enemy's from closest to farthest in distance (Or other set parameters.) are exactly the kind of thing that could provide a pilot with a way to jump ahead in the OODA loop.

That's without considering most pilots will already be familiar and comfortable with these concepts.

I mentioned this because I think this is the kind of system where private sector technology is so far ahead of what military industry is usually doing that a small study of this theory would be wise before designing a huge UI project like this.

on Jun 28, 2017

Your idea does not sound crazy at all. You are spot on.
Most avionic systems are just not intuitive and are a pain to work with. Some help from Apple or the video game industry might help a lot.

on Jun 29, 2017

They are finally catching on what the software industry, particularly the post-production Audio & Video software industry, has been doing for over a decade: display on information which relevant to the (immediate) task at hand. In other words NO INFORMATION overload, which can be just as bad as NOT enough information.

on Jun 29, 2017

David your idea is great, but the industry is reluctant to jump ahead, it generates insufficient revenue, as opposed to re-inventing the wheel.

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