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The TRUEngine™ program reached 15,000 engine enrollments, a 25% increase in the last year. More than 200 operators and lessors have enrolled their engines in the TRUEngine program.

"Customers understand the significant TRUEngine designation benefits, such as higher asset residual values, optimized product support and the ease of remarketing their assets," says Jean Lydon-Rodgers, president and CEO of GE Aviation's Services organization. "This recognition is resulting in increased enrollment." 

The TRUEngine qualification process includes the customer submitting maintenance records and a review by GE or CFM to ensure engine configuration and overhaul practices are consistent with GE- and CFM-issued engine manuals and other recommendations. There is no cost to participate, and the TRUEngine designation is fully transferable. 

With the TRUEngine designation, engine owners, potential buyers, lessors and appraisers know an engine's content and maintenance history have been verified by GE or CFM, enabling them to more easily evaluate engine configuration, asset value and re-marketability.

Third-party studies show engines maintained in the OEM configuration can have as much as 50% higher residual value versus those engines maintained with Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) content and/or Designated Engineering Repairs (DERs). The TRUEngine designation is provided on an individual engine serial number basis and remains in effect until the next shop visit. 

Launched in 2008 for the CFM56** engine family, the program has expanded to include GE's GE90, CF6, GEnx and CF34 engines. For more information, visit www.geaviation.com/truengine, or email the team at truengine@ge.com.

*TRUEngine is a registered trademark of GE.

**CFM56 is a registered trademark of CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines.