Now there’s more than one way to easily access the GE Aviation and CFM International Maintenance Minute series that provides general engine maintenance tips and best practice video tutorials. The new app can be found on Apple’s App Store and runs on iPhones and iPads.
“This free, cloud-based app gives individuals access to videos in some countries that don’t have access to YouTube,” says Eli Lessing, senior training manager at GE’s CTEC technical training services facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. “Along with iOS, we’re also looking into a version for Android devices.

“And for those who don’t have an Apple device, you can always access all the Maintenance Minute videos via YouTube.”

To find and download the Maintenance Minute app, follow these quick steps: 

Maintenance Minute videos are produced by GE Aviation and CFM training teams to help the aircraft maintainer with everyday engine maintenance tasks. For more info, email the CTEC training team.