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Watch John Mansfield, chief digital officer at GE Aviation, and Murray Adams, group manager of fuel efficiency at Qantas, discuss how they’re partnering together to drive digital industrial transformation across their organizations.

Some key highlights from the video interview:

  • GE productivity via digital tools has resulted in significantly improved response and turn-time. For example, eight days have been taken out of the engine overhaul process with the “Slot Tracker” application.
  • Engine monitoring: GE provides a look forward to eventually collecting this in-flight engine data via satellite capture.
  • With the 2017 acquisition of AirVault, GE is now digitizing engine maintenance records more quickly and efficiently.
  • Fuel efficiency, engine time-on-wing: Qantas spent approximately $3 billion on fuel (20% of its operating costs) in 2016. And they are partnering with GE Aviation on digital tools development to significantly improve these focus areas, while reducing flying’s impact on the environment.
  • By pilots for pilots: Also, co-developing the FlightPulse™ for Fuel Analytics application, which tracks and measures various operational procedures, actions and rhythm of the airlines’ flight crew on a mission-by-mission basis. As many as 2 million data points per flight hour can be collected, and Qantas is using GE’s Predix platform to bring that data into other information in the ecosystem, individualize it and then bring those analyses between “projected” and “actual” flight plan outcome back to the pilot and flight crew.
  • The FlightPulse app was developed and launched in less than 12 months and pushed to more than 1,700 Qantas pilots with a 90%+ participation rate. Insights are numerous and varied, but one important finding is around “Engine Out Taxi In.” This action saves 10 kg of fuel per minute by only running one engine on taxi into the arrival gate. Watch this Flight Pulse video to discover all the advantages.

Qantas Airways and GE Aviation launched the FlightPulse digital solution across a fleet including more than 1,700 pilots. FlightPulse uses recorded aircraft data and smart analytics to enable pilots to privately access their own personal metrics, trends and events. FlightPulse can be used to optimize efficiency, reduce operational risk or achieve any other outcome possible through advanced flight data analytics.