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GE Aviation (China) Repair Technology Development Center held its grand opening ceremony in the Lingang Industrial Park in Shanghai on March 28.  

This center is the first footprint for GE Aviation’s repair technology development in China and will focus on developing and industrializing the advanced engine service and repair technology to support MRO shops, component repair facilities and on-wing support operations in China. 

Yuan Guohua, president of Shanghai Lingang Group Weiming Xiang, president of GE Aviation Greater China region, Patrick Wang, engineering leader of GE Aviation China, Mike Hoffmeister, general manager of global service technology, GE Aviation, and Tony Matacia, business development director of global repair technology, GE Aviation, attended the ceremony.

With the rapid growth of Chinese civil aviation, aircraft engine maintenance and repair needs are increasing. Currently, nearly 5,000 GE and CFM engines are in operation in the Greater China region. GE provides technical and on-wing support to these fleets along with maintenance and overhaul services for customers’ engines through our global service network.

GE invests in developing advanced repair technologies to further improve reliability and lower maintenance costs as well as using big data and analytics to forecast time on wing and shop visits, performing on-wing inspection and repair to reduce engine removal and utilizing advanced repairs to shorten maintenance turnaround time.

Repair Development Focus Areas

Early projects include the development of advanced cleaning technologies for aircraft engines, part stripping and laser cleaning with gradual expansion into the development of repair technologies, such as failure analysis and laser cladding.

The center will also develop and support technologies for in-region MRO shops like TEXL in Xiamen, EGAT in Taipei and SSAMC* in Chengdu in which GE is a shareholder, as well as other overhaul shops authorized by GE Aviation, to help improve the repair capability and quality, shorten turnaround time and reduce costs.

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*SSAMC is a 60/40 joint venture between Air China and CFM International. CFM is a 50/50 joint venture between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines.