Universal Avionics is promoting a bevy of products and programs at NBAA 2017, including purchase incentives at the show, STCs to help operators access areas with increasing regulatory requirements, a new ADS-B Out data package, UniLink software and updates to the company’s InSight integrated flight deck, including moving maps via Jeppesen.

UASC (short for Universal Avionics Systems Corp.) dealer Chicago Jet Group is adding the new Aeronautical Telecommunications Network Baseline 1 (ATN B1) module for the UniLink UL-800/801 communications management unit to all of its existing FAA- and EASA-approved STCs for FANS/CPDLC (controller-pilot data link communications) in advance of a February 2020 European mandate (formerly known as Link 2000+).

“Aircraft operating in European airspace will need to be equipped for ATN B1 CPDLC,” said UASC central U.S. sales manager Mike Marie. “Universal’s UniLink UL-800/801 now has the capability to meet the data link requirements around the world.”

A UniLink software upgrade provides an optional configuration for ATN B1 CPDLC, with context management functions required for the European mandate.

Separately, Chicago Jet Group has an STC for a UASC InSight flight deck upgrade on a Mystere-Falcon 50 jet. The STC covers the installation of the InSight system with four EFI-1040 displays, complemented with other additional flight-deck enhancements.

“We are providing the most complete and comprehensive solution on the market,” said Mike Mitera, president of Chicago Jet Group. “The value of this STC is unprecedented,” he said. “We have created a NextGen solution for Falcon 50 operators rather than settling for 20-year-old technology as an upgrade. We are also working on a solution for Falcon 900 operators.”

The InSight display has been authorized for the Cessna Citation VII.

“Our STC on the Citation VII is a milestone,” said UASC sales director Robert Clare. “Our embedded next-generation Synthetic Vision System with advanced mapping capability and intuitive system-wide graphical pilot interface conveys a new fresh look to the cockpit.” UASC dealer Millennial Technologies has signed a contract for the first international Cessna Citation VII aircraft to get the new InSight display.

UASC has a new agreement for Jeppesen’s airport mapping information to be shown via the InSight display.

“With this agreement, InSight is the forerunner in the business aviation market with Jeppesen’s new flight data element,” UASC says, “providing timely and accurate airport diagrams and other essential information in high resolution.”

“Business aviation operators and pilots worldwide using the InSight Display System will now be able to integrate Jeppesen’s latest flight data technology and charts in the flight deck to further enhance their flying experience,” said Dan Reida, UASC vice president of sales and marketing.

The enhanced Insight display may be seen on UASC’s Citation VII at Henderson. UASC is offering it at no cost to authorized dealers and integrators performing the installation.

Also being promoted is an STC for a new ADS-B Out STC data package meeting U.S. and European mandates. The STC applies to UASC’s UNS-1Xw SBAS flight management system and Honeywell RCZ-833 (DO-260B compliant) transponders. It applies to Cessna Citations, Beechcraft Hawkers, Dassault Falcons, Learjets and Embraer jets, UASC says.

The UASC SBAS-FMS “is the first step in preparing for the FAA’s NextGen and Europe’s SESAR,” said Carey Miller, director of corporate programs and business development. “Not only does the SBAS-FMS enable ADS-B Out, but also PBN and Data Comm, including CPDLC Departure Clearances in U.S. domestic airspace,” he said.