Guardian Jet, a business aviation consulting and aircraft brokerage firm, has launched the newest version of “The Vault,” a platform to help clients with the analytics to select, trade, own or operate the right business jet model.

“We’ve been building this giant information machine,” said Don Dwyer, one of the firm’s two managing partners. The goal is to provide real-time aircraft information and more transparency into an unregulated brokerage industry to help clients make better decision.

“With the wealth of knowledge and analytics it delivers to our clients, this web-based software will hopefully save them millions of dollars,” said the other of the firm’s managing partners, Mike Dwyer, brother to Don Dwyer.

The modules give information on valuation, fleet plan, jet finder, acquisition information, sales and benchmarking. It can help a client decide on the right aircraft, track the value and activity on an aircraft for sale, and keep a record of inquiries and other information on a client’s aircraft for sale.

“What we’re finding out is a new generation of customers want information all the time,” said Don Dwyer.

The Vault is popular with clients.

As aircraft prices decline, some fractional owners, for example, are calling to ask whether it makes more sense to renew a fractional contract or buy an aircraft.