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on Jul 22, 2017

The US has been shorted for the needed money to keep the aircraft in the best shape, people don't seem to be able to discuss how the President of the last 8 years has deprived money to keep our Military in poor shape. Now the president in the US is working to get our Military improved to protect our country!

on Jul 24, 2017

Adding to the article.
The version ordered by the Russian military includes the optional thrust vectoring nozzles available for this engine. With TV the MiG-35 should kick the Su-35S derriere since the MiG is to the Su the same as the F-16 to the F-15.
The relegation of MiG to a second plane is mainly the result of its management's complacency in the face of an obviously decaying manufacturing culture after the dissolution of the USSR (Algeria returned a batch of MiG-29s due to low quality finishing.)
Sukhoi, a traditional Soviet third fiddler (after Mikoyan-Gurevich and Yakovlev) improved its production and took away MiG's fighter market with a behemoth originally designed as an interceptor. Of course, it would be naive to dismiss the role of possible historical intestinal resentments accumulated by different Soviet aviation quasi-dynasties after WW2 and the Korean war.
Despite MiG's eclipse, the two most famous aviation names in the world, recognized by scholars, amateur aviators, butchers and kids in any corner of the world are Boeing as synonymous of big airplanes and MiG as synonym of (good or bad guy's) fighter aircraft.
I heard that in a tiny village, lost in a jungle in Africa!

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