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Aviation Week And The Bomb

  • Aug 13, 2015

    Aviation Week And The Bomb

    Aviation News did not predict how nuclear weapons would change the world. But neither did anyone else....More
  • Mar 26, 2015

    Pilot Report: Aviation Week Flies The Gripen (1999)

    In 1999, Aviation Week's then Editor-in-Chief reported on the capabilities of the Saab Gripen. Read his pilot report....More
  • Mar 4, 2015

    1957: Broken Arrow 48

    The most capable interceptor of the 1960s might not have been American or Russian, or even British, French or Swedish....More
  • Feb 2, 2015

    The Long Sordid Path To KC-46 (2011) 24

    What should have been a straightforward integration to modify a commercial jet with refueling and cargo systems evolved into the procurement scandal that has scarred –- and some fear defined -– a generation of Air Force procurement experts....More
  • Jan 23, 2015

    When Lockheed Martin Won The JSF Award (2001) 20

    During its nearly 100 years of coverage, Aviation Week & Space Technology has covered many controversial programs. Perhaps none has been as big in terms of sheer value and global reach as the nine-nation, stealthy F-35 fighter project....More
  • Jan 14, 2015

    Pilot Reports: Mikoyan MiG-29 and Sukhoi Su-27 (1990) 2

    In 1990 Aviation Week's former Editor-in-Chief became the first American pilot to fly the Su-27 and the first journalist to fly the MiG-29. Read his pilot reports....More
  • Jan 13, 2015

    Rafale - Then (1986) And Now 3

    The first flight of the Rafale was the start of one of the world's most ambitious weapon programs....More
  • Oct 14, 2014

    1958: False Starts For Aviation’s ‘Atomic Age’ 9

    Aviation Week has been reporting on and, in one case unwittingly, furthering the cause of nuclear-powered aircraft for more than 60 years. Spurred on by the promise of the ‘Atomic Age’ and the potential strategic benefits of limitless range and endurance, the U.S. Air Force launched the Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft project in 1946....More
  • Oct 3, 2014

    1991: Foxy Woxy Wows Paris 2

    Its design dating back to the 1970s, the MiG-31 still held surprises in 1991, and just made its operational comeback appearance off Alaska....More
Publisher's Letter

Lester D. Gardner published the first issue of Aviation Week’s predecessor magazine at 120 W. 32nd Street, in New York City - close to where I now publish Aviation Week & Space Technology. Our core mission of being essential to the still-growing aviation, aerospace and defense community hasn’t even moved that far! 

I think Mr. Gardner would be proud that the Aviation Week team has continued to excel at providing “accurate, scientific and unbiased” information that serves as a “great stimulus” to the success of the industry. 

Even as our content is now deployed via print, digital and event channels around the world and into space, we commit to the industry that these values of utility and service will continue to be our guiding light.

- Gregory Hamilton, President/Group Publisher, Aviation Week



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