SEOUL, BEIJING—Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) CEO Ha Sung-yong has resigned amid allegations of wrongdoing at the company, including some by him.                                                                       

His departure follows that of the head of Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), Chang Myoung-jin, on July 18 for the related issue of alleged mismanagement of development of the KAI Surion military helicopter.

Ha had previously said he would stay in his job until the U.S. chose an aircraft for its T-X trainer competition, for which the KAI T-50 is a contender.

Neither Ha, KAI nor Chang have admitted wrongdoing. But Ha says he takes responsibility for the events that led to KAI’s office being searched by prosecutors on July 14 and will try to address all their accusations and suspicions.

Ha has been accused of but not charged with embezzlement. KAI is supposed to have inflated the price of the Surion while DAPA covered up defects.

With the resignations, the two most important aerospace and defense industry appointments of impeached and disgraced former President Park Geun-hye have left their jobs. The allegations have come to the surface during the term of President Moon Jae-in, a member of a rival political party.