The U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR) conducted tests last December of a developmental warhead casing material with explosive properties that are reportedly 3-5 times greater than those of conventional steel casings. The High-Density Reactive Material (HDRM), moreover, has the same density as steel and would be a drop-in replacement with no impact on accuracy, says Clifford Bedford, advanced energy materials program manager at ONR. He says HDRM would mark the first major change in steel warheads in 100 years. “This is out-of-the-box thinking,” he adds (DTI, October 2011, p. 15). He declines to reveal the composition of HDRM, but says when it hits a target, the warhead releases a combustible chemical energy that effectively makes each round a high-explosive incendiary. Bedford says fewer rounds might be used to take out targets, or new missiles or projectiles could be downsized to improve accuracy and logistics. ONR is for now evaluating the test results.