4Sight Technologies specializes in planning and scheduling with its em360, PMPro and CheckPlan products. A certified disadvantaged business enterprise, 4Sight has worked for companies in many sectors, including Boeing, United Airlines and Federal Express. Its em360 application streamlines inspection, planning and production control, the company says. It creates a schedule for service and maintenance from beginning to end and plans resources such as tools, parts and technicians. Work orders detailing jobs are also created. The resource and shift calendar are applied to the work order, resource categories are assigned to job cards and initial schedules are created. Em360 provides real-time feedback, and inspectors may instantly apply non-routine work to created work orders. With constraint-based scheduling, em360 can adjust existing schedules so the completion date is updated and cost is minimized. Em360's maintenance module also offers ability to create non-routines and obtain approvals prior to additions to work orders, creation of issue logs for items that arise with individual tasks and reviews of the history of repairs performed. Cost centers are credited, inventory is adjusted and vendors are contacted for refreshment of depleted items. www.4sighttech.com/technology/maintenance-management.php

Aerdata Software makes several products. Corporate Management System (CMS) is for aircraft and engine lease and asset management. Forty-one customers use the web-enabled CMS, which is based on asp.net and Citrix. CMS is designed to offer better financial control of leased aircraft, reduce risks and save effort by directly interfacing with existing financial software, according to the company. Its market is airlines, lessors, financial institutions and asset-management firms. Aerdata's Secure Technical Records for Electronic Asset Management (Stream) is a powerful, dedicated aircraft and engine records tool that provides remote access to technical records on demand and allows viewing, workflow participation, searching, export, editing and uploading from one interface. Full-text barcode search locates documents quickly. Stream integrates with maintenance software. Stream is based on asp.net and Windows Presentation Foundation. Engine Fleet Planning And Costing (Efpac) is a total engine management solution whose functionalities include integration of technical, operational and financial information, optimized budget forecasts, removal plans, shop visits and management of maintenance reserves. Based on Delphi and Citrix, Efpac is used by 15 airlines, MROs and lessors. www.aerdata.com

AviIT offers eMan, a document- and library-management system that enables easy access and viewing of any format of documentation, including those wrapped in OEM-provided applications, from any location, the company says. All electronic content is centrally organized for instant access, and tools enable librarians to manage efficient distribution of electronic documents. Revision dates and numbers provide traceability and audit reports ensuring full visibility of material being used. Functionalities also include on-demand user access, version control, linking service bulletins to main publications, third-party access to authorized documents, support of mobile solutions via laptops, and electronic read and sign. EMan uses thin-client-based technologies and cloud-based architecture. EMan can manage maintenance applications, internal documents and any electronic records, with version control and audits. Customers include Monarch Aircraft Engineering, Airberlin Technik and Virgin Atlantic Airways. The target market includes airlines MROs and service centers. www.aviit-eman.com

Armac Systems offers RIOsys for inventory management. The solution helps inventory planners calculate optimal inventory levels, even when demand is unscheduled, components are numerous and multisite operations are normal, the company says. RIOsys is designed to accommodate unscheduled demand patterns of both slow-moving, high-cost and fast-moving, low-cost inventory. The solution complements an existing ERP system, continuously calculates and recalculates optimized stock levels and suggests prioritized purchasing decisions that meet required service levels without over-investment. Designed to be easy to install, RIOsys extracts data from existing inventory-management systems and covers all inventory types—consumable, repairable, expendable, insurance, emergency, rotable, spare, engineering, aftermarket and asset items. It can be provided as a hosted service, ongoing consultancy service or one-off assistance. Standard rollout times are less than one month. RIOsys has been used by companies such as SR Technics, Bombardier, Thomas Cook and Stork Fokker Services. www.armacsystems.com

CALM Systems offers the Computerized Aircraft Log Manager (CALM), the Computerized Aircraft Reliability Tracking System (CART), a publication distribution program and electronic flight logs. http://calm-systems.com

Component Control's core product, Quantum Control, is a fully integrated business software solution designed to promote comprehensive and safe adherence to complex FAA certification rules of compliance, the company says. Standard modules include inventory management, purchase orders and requests, purchase management, receiving, vendor quotes and quotation processing, sales orders and exchange, invoice and currency management, multitax capability, repair orders, company management, ILS integration, physical inventory, security, data services and management reports. Optional modules include aircraft services, hangar management, shop control, manufacturing, repair manual tracking, lot costing, remote inventory, accounting, time and attendance, fixed asset, forms designer, shipping manager, warranty, document imaging, bar coding, contact manager and event manager and report scheduler. Quantum is used by 1,200 aviation customers worldwide in over 54 countries, including component, engine and airframe MROs, OEM part distributors, aircraft owners and resellers, completion centers and regional airlines. www.componentcontrol.com

Corena specializes in document management and system integration for several industries, including aerospace. For management of commercial aviation, MRO Corena solutions ensure smooth authoring and review collaboration with regulatory agencies and equipment manufacturers and increased compliance with regulatory requirements, according to the company. For job-card and work-scope generation, Corena ensures mechanics information at their fingertips, thus increasing efficiency. Corena's online technical library provides a single location for all technical content, minimizing search time, reducing errors, simplifying compliance and cutting cost and hassle of paper manuals. Fully scalable, modular and open-standard, the Corena product suite enables management of all data with an easy-to-use, configurable system. The suite allows utilization of data within existing ERP systems through automated job cards. www.corena.com

Critical Technologies' AirVault is a web-based solution enabling fleet and asset maintenance records management across the aviation ecosystem, linking aircraft operators, owners, OEMs, MROs and supply-chain providers. Accessing its private cloud from any web browser, AirVault protects, stores, retrieves and shares archived information with any authorized person anywhere, the company says. AirVault manages four billion documents from redundant data centers in Dallas and Oklahoma City. Accelerated searching helps customers find documents matching their requirements, with both full-text and fielded searches. Documents can be loaded from the MRO floor, on the tarmac or from remote-scanning locations. Fax, data-direct and email data is accepted automatically. Functionalities include maintenance-records capture, recognition, indexing, storage, retrieval and sharing. Twenty-two customers with 14% of the world's commercial aircraft use AirVault. www.criticaltech.com, www.airvault.com

EMC now offers XHive, an XML-focused content management system. As an independent company, XHive had served customers in aerospace that deal with S1000D content structures, including Boeing, Fokker Services and Northwest Airlines. Now XHive is one repository in EMC's Documentum suite. Documentum ECM 6.5 provides extensive library services. The architecture is object-oriented, so creation of different document types is facilitated by dedicated graphical user interfaces that manage libraries of attribute types, according to the company. www.emc.com/products-solutions/index.htm

Enigma's Enigma 3C is web-native set of applications designed to analyze, process and deliver technical content for aftermarket parts and maintenance activities. Enigma 3C provides how-to information for customer service, parts and maintenance processes, allowing aftermarket automation to move beyond the who-what-when of maintenance planning. The application puts technical content in the appropriate maintenance context so mechanics, service and part managers and field engineers have an as-maintained, updated encyclopedia of parts and service information. Enigma 3C aggregates many different file formats and repurposes content for different devices and systems. It extends the ERP or maintenance planning system to point of service, delivering task-specific service and part information, the company say. The industry-specific, prepackaged modules for Enigma 3C include: InService EPC, a fully automated part catalog; SaaS EPC, a hosted part catalog; InService MRO, a full maintenance support solution for aviation; InService JCG, an automated job/task card rendition system; and InService Revision Manager, an automated tool for comparing and reconciling updates to service and part information. Enigma 3C customers include Air France Industries, Korean Air, Atitech and Bombardier Aerospace. www.enigma.com/solutions/3c

Euroscript International specializes in content and document management, including scanning, data capture, indexation, consolidation, technical authoring, editing, drawing, transformation, publishing, fulfillment, reprography, archiving, application management and IT infrastructure. As a leader in Content Management Systems (CMS), Euroscript can advise on best practices for XML-based authoring and publication, integrated document and content management systems and archiving and records management, according to the company. Airlines deal with a variety of content types, including flight and operation manuals, bulletins, logs and corporate policy documentation, so management and delivery is a significant challenge due to diversity, volume and volatility. The traditional approach, an inefficient mix of authoring tools like Microsoft Word, makes management and processing of updates complex, time-consuming and difficult to audit. Euroscript's Efficiency for Flight Operations is designed to reduce the cost and complexity of airline publishing. Euroscript users have included Air France and Brit Air. www.euroscript.com/global/en/128.html

iBaseT's Solumina manages work and quality processes in MRO. It transforms processes into a highly visible system with real-time visibility on the shop floor and real-time problem-resolution extending to suppliers and customers. Solumina's paperless MRO system manages non-conformances, delivers work instructions to the shopfloor and synchronizes companies' enterprise data in real time. Solumina standardizes best-in-class quality management and ensures compliance with FAA regulations. Customers can visualize and authorize new work in real time via a Web browser. Solumina manages supplier performance at a close level with real-time communication. The application facilitates self-managed quality for suppliers, increasing awareness, collaboration and ownership, according to the company. In addition to supporting common MRO procedures, Solumina can service products with non-routine issues. A sophisticated non-routine process reduces redundancy and maintenance cycle times. Quality planners get real-time access to in-work service orders and can incorporate instructions and inspection steps quickly. www.ibaset.com

IDMR Solutions makes InForm, an airline document-management system that allows users to author and maintain virtually any document. InForm has import and export features to upload OEM revisions into the application without any data entry. Authoring engineering orders, job cards and non-routines is easier, as all are seamlessly integrated with OEM and monitoring and evaluation systems, the company says. Reporting capabilities allow users to forecast man-hour requirements for packages before they are printed. A history of non-routines generated by job cards enhances the ability to bid out packages by providing statistical analysis on the amount of non-routines previously attached to the job cards the relevant package. All Inform modules include engineering orders, task cards, maintenance programs, non-routines, audits, OEM manuals, corporate manuals and distribution tracking. All have built-in functions for document and revision control, customized templates, automated workflow, web portals and iPad-compatible viewers. Five customers serving 12 airlines use Inform. The tool's user interface allows it to tailor a document or form to the exact specifications of customers, and seamless integration with major monitoring and evaluation systems eliminates dual data entry. www.IDMR-Solutions.com

InfoTrust Group produces the TechSight/X suite, including an Aircraft Maintenance Edition, an Engineering Edition and associated modules. TechSight/X is a technical-information platform for the aerospace industry that delivers regulatory-compliant maintenance and engineering information to mechanics through print, the web and mobile devices. Functionalities include structured content creation that lets authors create and edit content in a word processor-like interface; content management in a single repository for airframe, engine and component publications; automated transformation that supports maintenance information for iSpec 2200 and S1000D program fleets; simplified navigation of airframe, engine and component manuals; and business process management to monitor bottlenecks and empty queues. TechSight/X uses XML technologies and tools and is built on advanced technologies such as J2EE to ensure scalability. The suite provides a complete, airline-centric solution for creating, managing and delivering maintenance information throughout its life cycle, the company says. It is optimized for mid-size to large airlines, OEMs and MROs. InfoTrust is the largest non-OEM provider of aircraft maintenance technical information solutions to aerospace industry with more than 30 customers. www.infotrustgroup.com

MINT Software Systems specializes in training management and scheduling. Its compliance and training management, MINT Training Management System, can efficiently manage technical training, according to the company. The compliance management and shift planning suite, MINT MRO, is used by aircraft MRO organizations and facilitates regulatory compliance with aviation authorities such as EASA and FAA. About 24 aviation organizations have used MINT applications, including Singapore Engineering Co., Ameco Beijing, Lufthansa Technik, Cathay Pacific Airways, United Airlines, FedEx and SR Technics. www.media-interactive.de

Omega offers the Ames Suites for heavy maintenance planning. Ames is an advanced planning and scheduling system designed specifically for aircraft maintenance. The desktop system seeks to optimize event and visit schedules, reduce response time, economize resources and link maintenance with marketing and flight operations. The heart of Ames is the Long Range Planner (LRP), which produces the maintenance schedule that all of the other modules work from. The LRP uses a proven scheduling engine to create an optimized, verifiably complete schedule. Ames Suite enables planning of the entire fleet's maintenance schedule and estimates the budget for the schedule and personnel needed. It provides immediate feedback on the impact of changes in current or future events, letting users see potential bottlenecks or shortfalls and find solutions before problems become critical, according to the company. In the time it takes to create one schedule using ordinary means, Ames can make multiple schedules and select the best one. If managers decide to change maintenance plan, extend checks, add or remove aircraft, Ames makes it easy to integrate these changes into existing plans. www.omegaair.com

Perceptive Solutions focuses on point solutions for aviation MRO. Its Redstone family of solutions extends existing systems to shop floor, customers and suppliers. For example, for a mid-market MRO, Redstone provided an affordable hand-held non-routine software solution designed to deliver best practices to MROs with fewer than 300 mechanics. These packaged solutions enable users to get started fast, the company says. Perceptive uses Enterprise Mobile Architecture (EMA), an open, platform-independent architecture, as the foundation for solution and integration. EMA can connect shop floor to customers and vendors. Redstone says it is used by three of the five largest MROs in North America, reducing errors by up to 98%. Redstone allows users to monitor and respond to changing heavy check conditions in real time. It provides views for internal use and different views for customers. www.perceptive-inc.com

Superstructure Group focuses on aviation safety and quality management and adherence to standards such as International Aviation Safety Agency (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (Isago), European Union/JAR quality assurance, Internatioinal Civil Aviation Organization safety management system and FAA Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS) and AC 120-92 best practice. Its AQD is an integrated safety and risk management solution. AQD integrates risk-related activities across the organization, from safety, quality and security management to occupational safety, environmental management and more. AQD is designed to cover all functions from accident and incident reporting, risk assessment, compliance, analysis and investigation through auditing and corrective-action tracking. AQD meets the needs of international and regional airlines as well as cargo and corporate fleets. Key AQD customers include Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Alaska Airlines, BMI, Cathay Pacific Airways, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, JetBlue, LAN, Malaysian Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airline, Singapore Airlines, TACA, TAM, Turkish Airlines and Westjet. In all, about 82 carrier use AQD. www.superstructuregroup.com/aqd.aspx