The new iLevil SW is a clean-sheet design, iPad-compatible, fully self-contained “panel in the palm of your hand” device. This lightweight unit gives attitude information; has a WAAS GPS for charts and synthetic vision; displays information from external hardware such as an engine monitor; and is an ADS-B IN receiver. With a rechargeable 3-hr. battery, it lasts longer than more flights and is rechargeable through a USB port or by its built-in solar pane, according to the manufacturer. It measures 4.5 in. x 3.0 in. x 1.0 in. and weighs 8 oz. The iLevil SW can communicate with several devices simultaneously through Wi-Fi. It's compatible with a number of apps including WingXPro7, which displays not only synthetic vision and inflight weather, but also supports ADS-B traffic information received by the iLevil SW from near-by ADS-B towers and other aircraft in proximity with ADS-B OUT transponders. The ILevil SW is usable in certified as well as LSA and experimental aircraft.

Price: Factory direct, $1,195

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