The airplane crashed into trees and terrain in a wooded residential neighborhood about 3 nm northeast of PWK. There was no post-impact fire. Neighbors and first responders rushed to the scene and assisted the two survivors, who were extricated and transported to a local hospital.

The wreckage path was 250 ft. in length from the first impacted tree to the main wreckage and on a magnetic heading of about 130 deg. The airplane was found fragmented along the path. The left propeller separated from its engine and was found 32 ft. west of the main wreckage.

The on-site inspection located the fuselage, empennage, wings and all flight control surfaces within the wreckage debris path. The landing gears were found in the up position in their wheel wells. The left and right throttle levers were found in the full forward position. Both left and right mixture levers were found in the forward rich position. The left and right propeller levers were found in the forward high rpm position. Left- and right-engine control and flight control continuity were established.

All four magneto switches were in the ON position. The left fuel boost pump switch was in the ON position and the right fuel boost pump switch was in the OFF position. Both the left and right fuel tank selectors were positioned on their respective inboard fuel tanks. The crossfeed valve was found in the ON position. All fuel caps were in place in their filler necks. Approximately 1.5 oz. of a liquid consistent with avgas was found within the airplane fuel system. All four electric fuel pumps were operational when electrical power was applied to them. The flap jackscrew extension was consistent with the flaps being in the up position.

Both engines' crankshafts were rotated and each engine exhibited gear and valve train continuity. All cylinders produced thumb compression and suction. Both dual magnetos produced sparks at all leads. All removed spark plugs exhibited the appearance of normal combustion when compared to the Champion AV-27 spark plug chart. Both engines' turbocharger impellers spun when rotated by hand. The left and right propellers were found in the feathered position. No airframe or engine pre-impact anomalies were found.