A Failure Review Oversight Board (FROB) established by International Launch Services (ILS) will convene Aug. 9 to review the cause of the July 2 Proton M/Block DM failure that destroyed three Glonass-M navigation satellites.

Composed of ILS customers, engineering experts and launch-insurance representatives, the FROB is expected to conclude its work by Aug. 16 after reviewing Russia’s investigation of the failure, including the probable root cause and corrective actions required before a return to commercial flight.

Russian-government investigators found the big rocket overturned shortly after clearing its pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome and crashed nearby because angular rate sensors measuring yaw had been improperly installed in the vehicle’s first stage. At least “three of six angular rate sensors were installed incorrectly,” the Russian investigation found (Aerospace DAILY, July 22).

Russia released a summary of the findings to ILS after it was granted a clearance by security officials, the U.S.-based Proton-launch marketing organization reported Aug. 8.