The Falcon 5X's circular fuselage has a diameter that is 8 in. larger than any previous Falcon Jet. Overall cabin length only is 5 in. shorter than that of the Falcon 7X, thus the Falcon 5X's cabin volume is 14% greater than that of its trijet sibling. The increased cross section affords 4 in. more headroom and 10 in. more floor width than the Falcon 7X, thereby allowing the use of wider seats while still increasing available aisle width by 5 to 6 in. in most areas of the cabin. Noise will be sopped up by an acoustical insulation package similar to that used aboard the Falcon 7X, assuring interior noise levels at or below those of any current production Falcon Jet.

Similar to most other long-range, large-cabin business aircraft, the heart of the cabin is divided into three sections. The 25.3-ft.-long main seating area has a forward, four-chair club section, a mid-cabin four-seat conference grouping flanked by a credenza with occasional bench seating and a separate aft lounge that can be configured several ways, including with two three-place divans. The three lounges will berth six passengers on overnight missions.

Up front, there's a 7-ft.-long vestibule with crew lavatory, galley and storage that is longer and has about 25% more volume than the vestibule of the Falcon 7X. The galley area also is considerably larger than those of the G450 and Global 5000. The galley has more usable storage space and better ergonomics than the one in the Falcon 7X.

Overhead in the vestibule is business aviation's first large skylight (the HondaJet has a pair of small skylights in its lav) because there's almost never too much ambient light available in the galley area. When the sun is too bright, electro-chromic filters will dim the skylight, as well as all cabin side windows.

As there is 5 in. more floor width in the galley area and the cabinetry has gentle convex curves, passengers won't feel as though they're squeezing through a tunnel as they walk through the forward vestibule area. The galley was designed with extensive input from flight attendants who work aboard current generation Falcon Jets.

Dassault customers said they wanted more ambient light in the cabin, so the Falcon 5X will be fitted with 28 of the largest cabin windows ever used on a Falcon Jet. They're 1 in. taller than the transparencies used on the Falcon 7X. They indeed provide as much window area per cubic foot of cabin volume as the 16 wide oval cabin windows of the G650, so no business aircraft will have more ambient light.

The cabin has several new design features. The chairs, for example, have a more contemporary look with hollowed out armrests and cocoon-like, wraparound seat bases and backs. The cocoon chairs make passengers feel as though they occupy a space that's dedicated solely to them, not unlike belting into the front seat of a luxury automobile. The side rails are split-level affairs. The foldout worktables extend so that the top surfaces are flush with the side rail upper ledges, effectively increasing their usable width to the cabin sidewalls.

On the lower sidewall step, there are storage pockets that are level with the outboard armrests of the passenger chairs. Sliding lids above the storage pockets reveal spaces to stow and plug in iPhones, iPods or PDAs. Each individual chair also has ergonomic cabin management controls with hard line select keys for frequently used functions, plus touch screen controls and a rotating knob for adjusting variables. There are plug-in ports for individual seat monitors and Wi-Fi will support using iPads or iPhones as IFE monitors. Broadband Internet connectivity will be provided by satcom and also perhaps by air-to-ground data links. It's likely that the aircraft also will have an Iridium phone, but Dassault hadn't yet released the initial specifications and description document as we closed this issue.

The mid-cabin section has the feel of an informal conference room. There are four conventional chairs arranged around a conference table, plus a credenza on the opposite side that has a long bench cushion that provides a perch for other passengers to join the conversation with those at the table.

The aft section of the cabin may configured as a private stateroom, with selective electro-chromic filters that transform bulkhead partitions into privacy curtains. Some operators may choose to fit the aft area with a single workstation chair and a pull-out divan on the opposite side. Others may opt for one divan on the left and another on the right. Still others may elect to fit one side with a pair of facing chairs and a divan on the opposite side — or any combination of those modules.

The aft lavatory is shorter than the one in the Falcon 7X, but it's actually quite roomy because of the larger cross-section. In addition, the fuselage doesn't begin to taper until aft of the internal baggage door. The lav features a vacuum toilet, vanity with hot and cold running water, and generous storage. Notably, the forward and aft lavs do not share common water and waste systems. The forward lav is available with either a conventional chemical or vacuum toilet and is not linked to the aft lavatory.

The 155-cu.-ft. aft baggage com–partment will be accessible in flight with no altitude restrictions because the engine rotor burst plane is behind the aft pressure bulkhead. The external access door translates aft of the doorway when opened so that it doesn't obstruct the opening. There is a ladder that will ease luggage loading chores for the crew.