The joint definition phase for the Legacy 450, a shorter fuselage and shorter range variant of the Legacy 500, continues apace. The 2,300-nm midsize aircraft will have 95% commonality with Legacy 500, sharing its engines, wings, avionics and most systems.

The Legacy 450 has the largest cross-section, most cabin volume and lowest cabin altitude in the midsize class, plus it's the only aircraft in the segment to have FBW flight controls and standard auto-throttles, plus an optional head-up display, optional auto-brakes and a vacuum lav system. It also has the largest windows and a completely flat floor.

The cabin has one less row of seats than the Legacy 500, but there's plenty of room for a center four-seat club section with two forward-facing chairs in the rear of the cabin. The forward section of the cabin has a single aft-facing chair on the right side. A forward, right-side wet galley or two-place divan are available. Options for the galley include microwave and convection ovens, a refrigerator, coffee maker and Nespresso machine.

The aircraft also may be fitted with an optional forward left side fold-down flight attendant's seat. A belted potty seat, certified for full time occupancy, also is available, thus allowing the aircraft to accommodate as many as nine passengers, if necessary.

Both the Legacy 450 and 500 have 40 cu. ft. aft internal luggage compartments plus 110 cu. ft. aft external baggage compartments, the most of any aircraft in their segments.

First flight is scheduled for second half 2013 with type certification and entry into service expected in second half 2014.