NetJets’ announced orders and options for up to 450 business jets worth nearly $10 billion are bringing substantial long-term aftermarket business to both Bombardier and Cessna, along with their suppliers.

Bombardier and Cessna each received long-term aftermarket support agreements from NetJets for the newly ordered aircraft. Bombardier’s aftermarket deal could generate up to $820 million in additional business over 15 years for the firm orders alone. That agreement covers scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for both the newly ordered Challenger 300 series and 605 aircraft. The aircraft will be enrolled in Bombardier’s Smart Service cost-per-flight-hour program, and the accord also provides parts provisioning services.

Likewise, Cessna is supporting the newly ordered Citation Latitude aircraft at its network of Citation Service Centers. Additionally, engine-makers GE Aviation and Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) this week detailed 15-year agreements with NetJets to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for the engines powering the newly ordered Challenger and Latitude aircraft.

With GE, NetJets signed an “OnPoint solution” agreement covering the CF34 engines in last week’s order that included 25 firm CF34-3B-powered Bombardier Challenger 605s with options for up to 50 more. NetJets also signed on with P&WC for a 15-year on-condition Fleet Maintenance Program for the PW306D turbofan engines that will power Latitude aircraft the fractional jet ownership company will begin flying in 2016.