Satcom Integration, LLC, a new subsidiary partially owned by Satcom Direct, offers turnkey consulting services, products, custom integration and software applications to help customers determine and deploy the best options for fully integrated satellite communications systems in business aviation and other industries. The unit was founded by a group of individuals with decades of combined experience in the satcom field, including experience at Satcom Direct.

Meanwhile, SkyTicket, Satcom Direct's newest app, allows individual passengers to pay directly for Internet usage in flight. SkyTicket can be used by any aircraft operator, including FAR Part 135 charter operators, fractional operators and business aircraft. To use SkyTicket, passengers enter any URL in a computer browser and are re-directed to a log-in page. Those with an existing SkyTicket account can enter the account email address and password to log in or create an account while on the aircraft.

Once logged in, passengers enter their method of payment and pick a package of time or block of usage, determined by the satellite network and the hardware on the aircraft. Passengers receive receipts via email showing the amount charged to their credit card. They also can view their usage amount while logged in and are notified when their package balance is running low. They then can purchase another package if they have not signed up for auto-renewal. If passengers do not use the entire purchased package, they have one year to use the remaining balance.

SkyTicket is secure and PCI compliant. Credit card and payment information is sent directly to the credit card merchant and is not stored in the system. The app should be popular with Part 135 operators or others who want to track Internet usage by individual passengers or departments. It is designed with a simple GUI interface that works similarly to when you use the Internet in a hotel or coffee shop. The log-in screen can be branded to showcase logos and brand colors for a charter operator or business.

Satcom Direct now includes Aircare Access Assistance's 24/7 telemedical support in its suite of business aviation services as a stand-alone feature. Earlier this year the company announced a partnership with Aircare Access Assistance so that Aircare Access can track flights for its clients using Satcom Direct's FlightDeck Freedom service.