Steven Grundman

Steven Grundman

Steven Grundman is the principal of Grundman Advisory and Lund Fellow at the Atlantic Council. 


Opinion: The Trillion Dollar Defense Strategy  20
Report to Congress warns of “dangerous” erosion of U.S. military superiority that risks “grave and lasting” consequences for the nation.
Opinion: Why U.S. Defense Spending Has Reached Its Peak  2
A convergence of indicators suggests the recently passed defense appropriations act will mark the apex for U.S. defense spending.
Opinion: Does The U.S. Meet NATO’s Defense Spending Guideline?  23
Figuring out the appropriate NATO defense commitment is more complicated than simple division.
Opinion: Secrets Of The “Big-Small” Aerospace Companies 
Chief executives of three leading “big-small” contractors discuss some essential ingredients to their success.
Opinion: Trump’s Unremarkable Defense Playbook  33
If the defense budget wins enough support to pass, it would represent an increase of only about 2% over the Obama baseline.
Opinion: What Could Go Wrong For Aerospace Industry?  3
What the metaphor of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse can tell us about the industry’s future.
Opinion: Lessons From A Korean War-Era National Security Exercise  35
The Trump administration could learn about defense-industrial policy from the Eisenhower administration’s 1953 review of U.S. strategy toward the Soviet Union.
Opinion: A Map Of Aerospace Mergers And Acquisitions  6
The story line behind the aerospace industry’s grand consolidation.
Opinion: Under ‘High-Beta’ Trump Presidency, Anything Could Happen  74
Here are signposts to follow as the new administration’s choices on defense unfold.
Opinion: Defense Advice For President-elect Trump  9
The most important thing the next president can do for defense policy is revivify the debate over fiscal policy and resolve it before submitting a 2018 budget.
Opinion: How To Fix Pentagon’s Broken Acquisition System  33
Sen. John McCain’s proposed National Defense Authorization Act for 2017 would make more sweeping changes to the Pentagon than any since the 1986 Goldwater-Nichols Act.
Opinion: Can Aerospace Avoid U.S. Automakers' Mistakes?  29
What is the industry’s long-term approach to global warming, the talent chase and new competition?
Opinion: Why Defense Bulls May Be Disappointed  3
Inflation-adjusted U.S. defense spending through the end of this decade will fall off after 2016 into a sustained period of roughly level annual budgets at about $600 billion.
Opinion: Economies Of Scale Ain’t What They Used To Be  11
What do the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and U.S. Special Operations Command have in common?
Opinion: Fictional Work Gives View Of Future Wars  5
Works in the Atlantic Council’s War Stories From the Future depict “how emerging antagonists, disruptive technologies, and novel warfighting concepts may animate tomorrow’s conflicts.”
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