Lindsay Bjerregaard

Digital Editorial Producer

Lindsay Bjerregaard is the digital editorial producer for Aviation Week’s MRO portfolio. She is responsible for creating and curating aviation product and service news for, MRO Links and Inside MRO. Prior to joining Aviation Week, Lindsay produced editorial coverage of the automotive industry for and Robb Report. She also managed websites and digital publications for the American Bar Association. Lindsay, based in Chicago, graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Journalism and English.

Solutions For Smarter Aerospace Factory Operations 
As aerospace manufacturing, supply chain and maintenance go more digital, these smart-factory solutions can help provide smoother operations.
Avianca Seeks Expansion In Columbia Through Star Alliance 
Interview with Miguel Montoya, senior vice president of engineering and maintenance at Avianca.
Brazing Specialists Turn Up the Heat 
These companies are innovating their brazing product and service portfolios to meet customer demand.
How Heavy-Duty Hangars Withstand Extreme Weather And Earthquakes 
How aircraft maintenance hangars in areas with extreme weather and seismic activity are built to provide safer, more comfortable working environments.
High-Tech Helpers For MRO Workers 
Several innovative technologies are helping to make the jobs of MRO workers safer and easier.
Improving MRO In Cold Weather 
A look at products that are designed to keep winter MRO operations running safely and smoothly.
MROs Growing In Asia 
These companies are adding new MRO facilities and capabilities in Asia as demand for airline service expands.
Initiatives Seeking To Solve Aviation’s Gender Gap 
In advance of Girls in Aviation Day 2018, many organizations, companies and government entities are looking into ways women can be recruited to the aviation workforce.
Making The Most Of Cargo Capabilities 
Various companies offer innovative solutions for cargo operators, from complete aircraft conversions to improved systems for loading.
GE Aviation Expands In Malaysia
The company is investing $80 million in GE Engine Services Malaysia and establishing a Global IT Service Desk at its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.
Analytics Platforms Providing Data Insights 
These data analytics platforms are leveraging flight, MRO and supply chain data to provide efficiencies and savings for airlines.
Paint and Coatings Providers Looking to Next-Gen Products 
These companies are expanding with innovative new product lines and services growth.
Innovative Products For Aircraft Inspections 
Finding chip debris is fluids, fast defect measurement, remote collaboration.
Solutions For Fuel System Safety And Maintenance 
A look at some of the MRO providers keeping fuel systems performing seamlessly.
Online MRO Marketplaces Expand Choices 
These digital marketplaces seek to connect buyers and sellers of MRO parts and services.
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