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The Race To Reduce Broadband Installation Time 
Connectivity providers look to install inflight broadband systems in as little time as possible.
Antenna-makers Produce Multi-band Antennas To Serve Inflight Broadband 1
The aim is to produce an antenna that is better than what’s currently and also ready for tomorrow’s LEO constellations.
Seamless Air Alliance Adds Members
A multi-industry group is working on a set of standards to make it smoother and easier for airline passengers to access the internet on their own devices.
Industry Urges Improved Disabled Access To Aircraft Cabins 2
Passengers with reduced mobility are lobbying for greater accessibility to airline cabins, but certain safety constraints keep the industry from developing a quick solution.
LEO, GEO, MEO: Deciphering Satellite-Based Inflight Connectivity Options 
Satellite-based inflight connectivity is a hot topic, accompanied by a mind-boggling list of descriptive acronyms that grows longer by the day.
Personal Touch Coming To Inflight Experience Through Big Data 2
Providers are reshaping the passenger experience by using what they can find out about everything from entertainment preferences to food tastes.
Inmarsat Confident Regulatory Setback Will Not Delay Network Launch
Despite a negative ruling by a Belgian court, and having only IAG as a definite customer, the satellite company says its solution is “on track.”
OneWeb Looks To Disrupt Inflight Connectivity Market With LEO Network
OneWeb is working with Airbus to build and launch 900 LEO satellites, with the primary aim of providing affordable terrestrial internet access to all. Photo: Deutsche Telekom
Urinals To Wine Coolers - Innovations In Cabin Improvements
Shorter lavatory wait times, more convenient travel with infants and a new wine service are among the manufacturers’ aims.
Boeing's Inflight Prayer Space Concept Catering To Religious Needs 21
Boeing has designed a prayer space concept that provides a private zone for religious passengers to practice their beliefs without the need to remove rows of seats.
Global Eagle Bets On Rebound After Leadership Change 1
Global Eagle aims to launch a Ka-band satellite-based inflight connectivity service to complement its Airconnect Ku service, regrouping after recent travails.
Competition Ramping Up For Airline Satellite Connectivity
Satellite providers are hosting new satellites and adding high-throughput capacity to existing networks to better position themselves for airlines’ inflight-connectivity needs.
Business Class Seats A Weighty Issue On Ultra Long Range Flights 31
Some airlines are discovering that premium seats are heavier than expected and threaten the economics of flying extreme ranges.
Inflight Interactive Options Increase 5
Interactive options take another step on the ever evolving road to keeping airline passengers entertained during flights.
Different Philosophies Drive JetBlue, American IFE Approaches 4
As airlines increasingly cut back on inflight entertainment options—noting that most passengers bring their own devices—JetBlue remains committed to IFE seatback offerings.
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