Karen Walker

Karen Walker
Editor-In-Chief, Air Transport World

Karen Walker is ATW’s Editor-in-Chief. She had been covering the aerospace industry for almost 30 years. She has specialist knowledge in training, simulation, safety and aeropolitics.

Boeing Remains Cautious On NMA As Good Year Continues 
Boeing continues its cautious talk on whether it will launch a new mid-market aircraft (NMA), reiterating that it must still establish a business case.
Delta Probes Cause Of IT Issue That Prompted Ground Stop 
Delta Air Lines said it was investigating the root cause of the technology issue that affected the carrier Sept. 25, prompting a 1-hr. ground stop across its U.S. operations.
Boom Aims For Supersonic Demo’s First Flight In 2019 
Boom Technology is fully funded to get a demonstrator of the supersonic airliner it is developing in the air by the end of 2019, the Denver-based company’s CEO said.
Boom Aims To Get Supersonic Airliner Demo In Air By 2019 
Boom Technology is fully funded to get a demo of the supersonic airliner it is developing in the air by the end of 2019, the Denver-based company’s CEO says.
ULCC Frontier Adds Cities, Expands Loyalty Benefits 
Denver-based ULCC Frontier Airlines is “changing a lot,” almost doubling the number of its destinations, introducing a new loyalty program and making it easier for passengers to achieve elite status.
JAL Plans High-Density 787-8s For New Long-Haul LCC 
Japan Airlines (JAL) is looking to substantially increase the seat density of the Boeing 787-8s that are assigned to its newly announced LCC unit and is eyeing markets in the Americas, Asia and Europe.
‘Flag of Convenience’ Amendment Raises Open Skies Concerns 
Attempts by some U.S. lawmakers to add language to the FAA reauthorization bill that would change labor rules affecting foreign airlines operating to the U.S. within Open Skies agreements are raising concerns among the White House administration, U.S. airlines and the European Commission (EC).
Denver Airport Begins $3.5 Billion Improvement Plan 
Fast-growing Denver International Airport (DEN) has embarked on a $3.5 billion five-year capital improvement plan that will include the addition of 39 more gates and expand parking, security and passenger facilities by 2021.
Aeromexico Embraer E190 Crash Probe Underway 
An investigation has begun into what caused the crash of an Aeromexico Embraer E190 in Durango Tuesday evening, while the airline confirmed all 107 people onboard survived.
Airbus A330neo Route-Proving Comes To U.S. 
Airbus is continuing its route-proving program toward A330neo certification, completing a 2-hr. leg from Chicago O’Hare to Atlanta Hartsfield on July 7.
Delta CEO Weighs In On NMA, Hypersonic Airliner 
Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian reaffirmed his interest in Boeing’s potential new mid-market aircraft (NMA), which he referred to as the 797, but is far less certain of the need for another potential new airliner that Boeing unveiled this week—a Mach 5 hypersonic aircraft.
Airline Industry Pushes For CORSIA Standards 
With barely seven months left before new emissions reporting requirements come into force for international flights, governments are being pressed to take urgent action so that standards are in place in time to comply.
Podcast: Tougher Times Ahead For Airlines?
IATA revised downward its profit forecast for this year as fuel and labor costs rise. The industry has to be careful to protect its margins, but not everything is under its own control.
New Aircraft Could Make Ultra-Long-Haul Routes Viable  11
New-generation widebodies are prompting some airlines to seek out potential new city pairs that can be served nonstop with flight times of 17 hr. or longer.
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