Irene Klotz

Irene Klotz
Space Editor,
Aviation Week

Irene Klotz is Space Editor for Aviation Week, based in Cape Canaveral. Before joining Aviation Week in 2017, Irene spent 25 years as a wire service reporter covering human and robotic spaceflight, commercial space, astronomy, science and technology for Reuters and United Press International. She also worked with Discovery Communications, Discovery News and was a founding member of

Irene cut her teeth on the space beat at Florida Today newspaper, a business writer enchanted by the colorful entrepreneurs who wanted access to Air Force launch facilities and assets after commercial payloads were taken off the space shuttles following the 1986 Challenger accident. Commercial space remains the focus of her work, along with a keen interest in the search for life beyond Earth.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Irene is the 2014 recipient of the Harry Kolcum Memorial News and Communications Award, named in honor of the late Aviation Week managing editor and Cape Canaveral senior editor who was among Irene’s earliest mentors.

NASA To Test Fission Reactor For Space Missions  5
After a hiatus of more than 50 years, NASA plans a trial run of a full-scale nuclear-fission power system designed to produce 1 kW of electricity.
SLS Debut In Late 2019, Lockheed Orion Manager Says 
The first flight of NASA’s heavy-lift Space Launch System rocket, slated to put an unmanned Orion capsule into orbit around the Moon for Exploration Mission 1, is now targeted for launch in late 2019.
Virgin Galactic Hopes To Test SpaceShipTwo In Space In 2017  18
Virgin Galactic aims to fly SpaceShipTwo beyond the atmosphere for the first time before year’s end, kicking off what is expected to be a final round of test flights before beginning commercial suborbital space tourism and research flights.
NASA Buys Three More Soyuz Rides For ISS Crew 
NASA has decided to buy three more Russian Soyuz rides for International Space Station crew ferry flights, covering missions through the fall of 2019.
Podcast: SpaceX’s Big Falcon Rocket and other New Space Surprises
From the International Astronautical Congress to the creation of the U.S. National Space Council, a look at changes in the market.
Blue Origin Open To Military Launch Business 
“We are in early discussions with the national security community and NASA about how to certify New Glenn for their use,” company CEO Bob Smith says.
Elon Musk Ready To Bet It All On BFR  121
SpaceX planning to scrap its successful Falcon rocket and Dragon capsule in high-stakes quest to expand humankind to Mars.
SpaceX Aims To Replace Falcon Fleet With Reusable BFR 
SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk has unveiled BFR, a new methane-fueled reusable space transportation system.
Blue Origin Signs Third Customer For New Glenn 
Blue Origin has signed a third customer for orbital space launch services, agreeing to fly a communications satellite for Thai-based startup mµ Space Corp.
Rocket Lab Adds Paying Customers To 2nd Test Flight 
Rocket Lab will fly cubesats for paying customers Planet and Spire Global aboard the second test flight of its Electron small satellite launcher.
Russian ISS Module Launch Delayed Until Late 2018 
Russia does not plan to launch its new science lab to the International Space Station (ISS) until late 2018.
Russia Won't Launch New ISS Science Module Until Late Next Year 
Russia probably won't detach new module from ISS to form part of new space station.
Australia To Establish National Space Agency 
Fifty years after Australia launched its first satellite into space, the government on Sept. 25 announced plans to establish a national space agency.
Northrop Grumman Looks To Launch Orbital ATK Takeover 
Deal would put Northrop Grumman back in the human spaceflight business.
After Cassini, Outer Solar System Is Falling Silent 
Only NASA’s Juno spacecraft remains in orbit around a planet beyond Mars, and its days also are numbered.
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