Irene Klotz

Irene Klotz
Space Editor,
Aviation Week

Irene Klotz is Space Editor for Aviation Week, based in Cape Canaveral. Before joining Aviation Week in 2017, Irene spent 25 years as a wire service reporter covering human and robotic spaceflight, commercial space, astronomy, science and technology for Reuters and United Press International. She also worked with Discovery Communications, Discovery News and was a founding member of

Irene cut her teeth on the space beat at Florida Today newspaper, a business writer enchanted by the colorful entrepreneurs who wanted access to Air Force launch facilities and assets after commercial payloads were taken off the space shuttles following the 1986 Challenger accident. Commercial space remains the focus of her work, along with a keen interest in the search for life beyond Earth.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Irene is the 2014 recipient of the Harry Kolcum Memorial News and Communications Award, named in honor of the late Aviation Week managing editor and Cape Canaveral senior editor who was among Irene’s earliest mentors.

Blue Origin Shakes Up Its Short Game 
Blue is aiming to compete for U.S. national security space launch business, putting it in direct competition with one of its first industry partners, ULA.
Airbus Space’s View of the Satellite Market
Aviation Week editors talk with Airbus Space Chief about the OneWeb venture into the small satellite, low Earth orbit market and navigating the dramatic changes in the industry.
SpaceX, ULA Win U.S. Air Force Contracts 
The U.S. Air Force has divvied up five space launch contracts between SpaceX and United Launch Alliance.
FCC Probing Unauthorized Launch Of Nanosats 
Swarm Technologies’ four prototypes flew aboard an Indian rocket in January. The FAA says they are too small to be detected by the Space Surveillance Network.
Electron’s Commercial Debut To Include Two Spire Satellites 
Rocket Lab’s first commercial flight of its Electron launcher will include two spacecraft for Spire, a company that operates a constellation of cubesats.
Crush Of Cubesats Prompts Rethink Of Planetary Protection Protocols  10
Among the first test-cases for the revamped office are a pair of cubesats that will accompany the upcoming InSight mission to Mars.
Airbus Produces First Two OneWeb Test Satellites 
Airbus has produced the first two test assets of OneWeb’s constellation of 900 low Earth orbit communications satellites.
New GOES Weather Satellite Ready For Checkout 
The advanced NASA/NOAA Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-S has achieved geostationary orbit and been redesignated GOES 17.
NASA Acting Administrator Lightfoot To Retire 
Robert Lightfoot, who has been serving as NASA’s acting administrator since the inauguration of President Donald Trump, will leave the agency.
ILS Proton To Launch Satellite Servicing Drones in 2020 
Effective Space, a UK-based startup developing a fleet of in-space, satellite-servicing vehicles, plans to launch its first two space drones in 2020.
FCC Probing Unauthorized Launch Of Nanosats 
The U.S. FCC is investigating whether a startup sent four nanosats into space a month after its application to operate them was denied.
MSL Curiosity Rover Conducts First Wet Chemistry Run 
For the first time since the MSL Curiosity landed on Mars in 2012, scientists have used one of the rover’s sealed wet chemistry cups to seek organic compounds.
Fiftieth Falcon 9 Lofts Hispasat 30W-6 Comm Sat 
SpaceX marked the 50th flight of a Falcon 9 rocket with the successful delivery of the Hispasat 30W-6 communications satellite into orbit.
Startup Bringing Plasma Propulsion Technology To Smallsat Crowd 
Michigan-based Orbion is aiming to fly Hall effect thruster on smallsat in 2019.
Tsunami Of Smallsats Creating Opportunities And Problems  1
Megaconstellations of broadband satellites are expected to join flocks of cubesats in increasingly crowded low Earth orbit.
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