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U.S., Israel Reach New 10-Year FMF Accord 
The latest 10-year, $33 billion U.S. Foreign Military Financing (FMF) agreement with Israel that took effect on Oct. 1 is worrisome to some in Israeli industry.
Israel Likely To Resume Counter-Rocket Laser Development 
Fears of rocket attacks and use of incendiary, explosive-carrying balloons is prompting new interest in laser defense systems by the Israeli defense ministry.
IAI Offset Deal May Allow Israel To Buy KC-46 
Boeing’s effort to sell KC-46 refueling tanker to Israel may have received a lift after objections raised by an Israeli company seem to have been resolved.
Israel Thwarts Iranian Missile Efforts In Syria 
All indications point to a massive Israeli air campaign against Iranian efforts to build a missile production facility in Syria.
Israel Grapples With Russian Air Defenses In Syria 
The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will have to use “special tactics” to overcome expected restrictions to be posed by the Russians in Syrian airspace.
Israel Denies Selling Iron Dome To Saudi Arabia 
The Israeli Defense Ministry denied on Sept. 13 an Arabic media report that Israel sold one battery of Iron Dome rocket defense systems to Saudi Arabia.
IAI, Startup Create ‘Space Drone’ Team 
Israel Aerospace Industries has signed an agreement with a startup company to make satellites that can service other satellites in space.
Israeli Ground Units Find UAS Niche 
Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) ground units are acquiring more unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including quad-rotor drones.
Israel Studies Electric Propulsion For Next-Gen Spy Satellites 
Sensor upgrades and propulsion advances set to boost IAI space-based intelligence-gathering.
Israeli UAS Adoption Prompts Sensor Renaissance 
Israeli defense companies are putting a high priority on the development of new UAS sensors.
IAI Pushes Maritime UAS Speed 
Israel Aerospace Industries is performing initial tests to evaluate the effect of design changes made to enhance the speed of its unmanned aircraft systems.
Israel Looks Ahead To Next F-35 Deliveries 
While the Israeli Air Force mulls delaying the purchase of additional F-35s in favor of advanced F-15s, deliveries of 50 F-35s already under contract continue.
IDF Building Ground-To-Ground Missile Unit 
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have begun building a new ground-to-ground missile unit to protect Israeli civilians from rocket and artillery attacks.
IAI Pushing For New Kfir Export Sales 
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is trying to sell 12 upgraded Kfir fighter jets still left in its inventory to export customers.
Israeli F-16 Sale To Croatia Facing Hurdles 
An agreement to sell 12 Israeli Air Force (IAF) F-16C/D fighters to Croatia may face some major obstacles.
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