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IAI Develops Attack Helo Sat Comm System 
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has developed a very advanced satellite communication system for attack helicopters.
IAI At Work On ‘Soft Kill’ Drone Interceptor 
Israel Aerospace Industries is quietly developing a “soft kill” interceptor that will work in conjunction with the company’s Drone Guard counter-UAS system.
Should Israel Develop A UAS Carrier? 
The development of an increasing number of UAS for maritime missions is prompting the Israeli Navy and air force to ask with increasing seriousness whether a UAS carrier is needed.
Why The Israelis Want A Larger, More Modern F-15 Fleet  16
To confront Iran in Syria and at a distance, the air force is looking to buy new F-15Is and upgrade its old ones.
Israel Mulling $10B In Boeing Aircraft Buys 
Barring a last-minute twist, the Israeli Air Force is poised to buy $10 billion worth of Boeing aircraft.
Israeli Patriot Battery Downs Syrian Su-24 
Tensions on the Israeli-Syrian border reached another peak July 24 when an Israeli Air Force Patriot battery shot down a Syrian Air Force Su-24.
Israel Uses David’s Sling To Counter Syrian-launched Missile 
The Israeli Air Force (IAF) used the Rafael David’s Sling anti-rocket and missile system for the first time operationally on July 23.
Training To Begin For Germany’s Heron UAS Lease 
Preparations are underway to train the German crews that will operate the Heron-TP UAS that Germany plans to lease from Israel Aerospace Industries.
IAI CEO Says Company Shut Out Of IAF Tanker Deal 
An unprecedented battle over plans to purchase a new Israeli aerial refueling aircraft is reaching a climax.
Israel Downs Syrian UAS With Costly Patriot 
“Patriot missiles that have a very high price tag were used against a UAS that costs a few dollars,” one source in Israel said.
Elbit Adapts Hermes 900 For Civilian Use 
Elbit Systems has adapted the Hermes 900 for operations in civil airspace.
Boeing Making Upgraded Chinooks, Looks To International Sales 
The upgraded helicopters will add new capability into the U.S. Army’s special operations fleet and mark the start of a CH-47F/MH-47G Block II production line expected to continue into the late 2020s.
Where Defense Companies Are Placing Their Bets 
A look at some of key defense contractors and the choices they are facing.
Israel’s First Lunar Landing Set For February 
Israel’s first lunar lander is scheduled to be launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral in December.
Israeli Air Force Prepares For Presidential Aircraft Ops 
The Israeli Air Force is preparing a crew to operate the Boeing 767 that will carry the nation’s president and prime minister when it is delivered in 2019.
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