Angus Batey

Angus Batey
Valcora for Far Better Fueling
A new Swiss company, Valcora (Booth K57), is planning a quick rise to the top. The firm believes its founders’ quarter-century of experience in aviation fuel, and bespoke ordering software, will help it take a leading place in the private-aviation sector.
NetJets Europe Pioneers Satellite-Aided Landings
Improving the ability of business aircraft to land in poor weather might not appear to be of much interest to anyone outside the private aviation community. But an extensive project funded by the EU’s SESAR Joint Undertaking has shown how the entire aviation sector could benefit if business aircraft were able to land in a wider range of conditions at airports where instrument landing equipment is not installed.
Predictive Maintenance Networks Bring Benefits, Risks 
Security concerns are important to consider at each step of predictive maintenance network development.
App-based Business Aviation Bookings Bring Cybersecurity To The Fore
When you're establishing a new, technology-driven company in the business aviation sector, you'd expect to be asked a lot of questions about cybersecurity. Yet according to Stratajet's Jonny Nicol, customers expect strong security as a given.
Business Aviation Confronts Cyber Threats
The business aviation sector is increasingly coming to the attention of cybercriminals and hackers.
How To Protect Civil Aviation From Cyberattacks  10
Airframers and airlines must shore up cyberweakness in supply chains and avoid safety risks.
USMC, Boeing Bring Hornets Back From Dead 
The U.S. Marine Corps has taken an unusual approach to backfilling their front-line squadrons to cover delays to the F-35B: the Corps is raiding the boneyard to bring some retired fighters back into service.
Norway’s Air Force Deploys Nasams to Poland 
Last weekend’s NATO summit had its security provided, in part, by ground-based air-defense equipment and personnel from the Norwegian air force, which deployed Nasams (Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System) teams to Poland.
An RAF Officer's Quest To Save The Sentinel  12
The U.K. has proposed cutting one of the air force's five intelligence, surveillance target acquisition and reconnaissance aircraft. But a senior office says all of them are in demand.
RAF ISTAR Chief Attacks “Unimaginable” Sentinel Cuts 1
The RAF’s senior intelligence and surveillance officer launched a passionate defense of the Sentinel program yesterday, as the perennially overworked yet permanently under-threat system faces yet another period of uncertainty about its future.
MI5 Warns of Transport Security Threat
Technologies designed to reduce costs of major public building programs may offer terrorists an unprecedented reconnaissance capability, the Security Service has warned.
Volga-Dnepr Demos Disaster Relief Concept
There is a subset of the Airshow demographic – British, of a certain age, invariably male – who will find a new concept being touted by the Volga-Dnepr Group to be oddly yet excitingly familiar.
You’re Not Alone, Says UK Cyber-Defender
One of Britain’s most senior cyber warriors has a message for Farnborough’s SME community. You’ve got a problem, but there’s help available from the government and from some of the biggest names in the defense industry – and it’s free.
ALIS Arrives In The UK
Getting the F-35 flying in Britain is vitally important to the public image of a program that has endured more than its fair share of negative coverage. Just as critical is the progress of the Autonomic Logistic Information System, the jet’s next-generation support network.
BAE Stealthily Posits Future UCAV Concept
As well as the current and soon-to-enter-service technologies on view all over the air show site, there are a few glimpses of possible futures to be found. One of the most intriguing is buried deep in a sub-menu on a touchscreen installation on the future unmanned systems stand in BAE Systems’ exhibition hall.
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