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Senior Pentagon Editor,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Amy is Aviation Week's senior Pentagon editor and has flown on a variety of military aircraft since joining the staff, including a 9-hr. HH-60G Pave Hawk search-and-rescue mission after Hurricane Katrina, and the MV-22 Osprey, UH-72A Lakota, F/A-18F Super Hornet, F-16CJ, BAE Hawk trainer and C-2 Greyhound carrier capable transport.
As senior Pentagon editor, Amy covers major U.S. military aviation programs, including the Joint Strike Fighter, next-generation bomber and KC-46A aerial refueler. She also specializes in coverage of missile defense and military space programs.
Prior to joining Aviation Week, she was the Pentagon bureau chief for Defense Daily covering multiple services' programs, the defense budget and Defense Department dealings with Congress. She worked as the managing editor of Inside the Air Force covering Air Force procurement and policy issues. Prior to that, she was the The Daily Sun's military reporter in Warner Robins, Ga., where she participated in a two-week media trip to Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia, and reported on Air Force activities supporting the no-fly zone over Iraq. 
Amy studied English literature and history at Mercer University in Macon, Ga., and took a term at Oxford University, England.

USAF Eyes New Era Of Close Air Support 7
Despite failed attempts to retire the A-10, the U.S. Air Force looks to a new generation of technologies and tactics for close air support mission.
USAF Confident T-X Approach Will Drive Cost Down 
U.S. Air Force officials are confident the unique approach they have taken leading up to a request for proposals for a forthcoming competition to replace the T-38 advanced pilot trainer has sparked enough competition to drive cost for the system down, a brigadier general says.
Revised SpaceX, USAF Certification Plan To Focus on ‘Trust’ 35
USAF and SpaceX are modifying the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement signed two years ago to outline what has become the contentious process to certify the Falcon 9 v1.1 rocket for use in launching national security payloads.
Long Road Ahead For Possible A-10 Follow-On 29
The U.S. Air Force’s interest in a possible new close air support (CAS) platform to replace the A-10 Thunderbolt II is about “capacity,” says Air Combat Command chief Gen. Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle.
Patching The F-35’s Data Fusion Gap 15
Testers say a software patch gets F-35 closer to promise of multi-ship data fusion.
Meet The F-35 Developmental Test Fleet At Edwards AFB 1
With the F-35 development program 60% complete and two years to go, the test program is operating at a high pace.
KC-46 PEO Skeptical Of Meeting April First Flight Goal
The top U.S. Air Force officer overseeing the service’s KC-46A refueling aircraft contract is casting doubt on whether prime contractor Boeing will achieve its new first flight date for the first tanker in April.
Work Calls For More Wargaming, Tech Demos 
Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work is pushing initiatives to conduct more wargames and demonstrations to better use military technology fielded today, and make more informed decisions on what technology to pursue in the future.
Software Patch Being Tested For F-35 Multiship Attack 
Engineers here at Edwards AFB have begun flying a software patch on two test jets to explore the effectiveness of upgrades designed to improve the “fusion” of the threat picture among multi-aircraft F-35 formations.
USAF Plans $7.6 Billion Electronic Makeover For F-15s 
Under pressure from slower-than-expected F-35 fielding, USAF is embarking on a pricey upgrade to keep the F-15 relevant into the 2040s.
Boeing To Select F-15 EW Upgrade Contractor In May 4
The service will upgrade up to 413 F-15Cs and F-15Es, according to Air Combat Command officials.
U.S. Air Force To Spend Billions Keeping F-15 Relevant 
Despite being disparaged at times by U.S. Air Force leadership as inferior aircraft, the air combat F-15C and ground-attack F-15E are getting a costly makeover to keep them operationally relevant for another 20-plus years.
DMSP 13 Failure Raises Space Oversight Questions 
U.S. Air Force Space Command took nearly a month to openly acknowledge to the press that one of the country’s oldest satellites fragmented into 43 pieces in orbit last month, creating a debris field.
DMSP 13 Failure Raises Space Oversight Questions 2
U.S. Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) took nearly a month to openly acknowledge to the press that one of the country’s oldest satellites fragmented into 43 pieces in orbit last month, creating a debris field.
USAF Weather Satellite Explodes After Thermal Spike 15
Six DMSP satellites are now left to provide the weather data needed for the military.
Mar 27, 2015

U. S., Russian Astronauts Reach International Space Station for One Year Stay 6

"He will do great," predicted NASA astronaut Barry "Butch" Wilmore, who returned to Earth after 5 1/2 months on the ISS earlier this month. Wilmore watched Scott Kelly's lift off from NASA's Mission Control in Houston....More
Mar 26, 2015

Open Skies Over Benelux And Germany

Cold War kids like me still remember the Open Skies treaty, the 1992 agreement by members of NATO and the then Warsaw Pact to allow observation flights over their territory as a confidence-building measure....More
Mar 26, 2015

Pilot Report: Aviation Week Flies The Gripen (1999)

In 1999, Aviation Week's then Editor-in-Chief reported on the capabilities of the Saab Gripen. Read his pilot report....More
Mar 25, 2015

Kepler Achievements Recognized by National Air and Space Museum

"We are discovering all kinds of exotic planets, worlds that have oceans of molten rock, worlds that have not one but two stars rising in the East and setting in the West," said Natalie Batalha, Kepler mission scientist....More
Mar 24, 2015

NavWeek: Semper Why 3

As the U.S. Marine Corps continues to tack back to its expeditionary core and the U.S. remains on course for its Asia-Pacific rebalance, the question of the force’s relevance is again coming to the fore....More
Mar 21, 2015

SpaceX's Gwynne Shotwell Talks Raptor, Falcon 9, CRS-2, Satellite Internet and More 5

During a March 17 luncheon Shotwell touched on developments underway at the Hawthorne, California-based company....More
Mar 20, 2015

Germany To Boost Defense Spending

Germany's finance minister says the pacifist nation must shoulder more military commitments in the coming years....More
Mar 19, 2015

NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft Spots Martian Aurora, Unexplained Dust Cloud

"What's especially surprising about the aurora we saw is how deep in the atmosphere it occurs," said Arnaud Stiepen, a University of Colorado researcher....More

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