HAMBURG—Airbus has unveiled the latest in a series of cabin upgrades for the A380, which together will allow airlines to add around 80 more seats and boost revenues, the manufacturer said.

Airbus said it was developing a range of “cabin enablers,” with the latest the “New Forward Stairs” (NFS) option which it unveiled at the Aircraft Interiors Expo here.

“It’s based on the principle of adding seats without compromise on comfort,” said Ingo Wuggetzer, vice president of cabin marketing at Airbus.

Together, its new cabin enhancements should free up enough cabin floor space to increase seating from the average of 497 seats on A380s currently in operation to 575 in four classes, significantly increasing revenues for airlines, Airbus said.

The NFS option would make room for 20 more passengers, and involves relocating the forward stair from Door 1 to Door 2 and combining the entrance of the NFS to the upper deck (going up) with the adjacent staircase to the lower deck crew-rest (going down), Airbus said.

Other A380 cabin enablers include a combined crew-rest compartment, an 11-abreast economy layout on the main deck and 9-abreast premium economy on the main deck.