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on Mar 31, 2017

There are those that could not see the writing on the wall. This is not the beginning of a new Era, but the next step beyond!

Congratulations! and Go SpaceX!!!

on Mar 31, 2017

Anyone know how much was saved? Probably not much with all the test and retest etc this one was likely as carefully done as a maned shot

on Apr 2, 2017

As a first customer of reuse SES got a discounted price and SpaceX got invaluable data for F9 Block 5, which will be the last major iteration before the SpaceX R&D budget turns to the Interplanetary Transport System. Block 5 appears later this year with a target of 2 weeks turnaround, and eventually 24 hours, with refurbs being done at a new facility at Port Canaveral. Block 5 will also be human rated for Commercial Crew, which will also be applied to Falcon Heavy.

on Mar 31, 2017

So many said it couldn't be done. Guess they were wrong. Congratulations SpaceX

on Apr 1, 2017

Elon Musk is the new Space Superman!! He and his SpaceX Team ROCK, roll and kick space A$$!!!

on Apr 2, 2017

Did you hear that Elon Musk, after descending from Heaven in a Golden Chariot, walked across the Banana River to the acclaim usually saved for a touring Boy Band?

Some of the kids around here evidence immense ignorance and gullibility.

SpaceX has achieved an important step towards the goal of providing low cost access to LEO. It has not demonstrated any revolutionary technology. In fact it has done nothing not done before - and long ago.

Meanwhile the view from Russia might interest some.

Sputnik, the government propaganda organ named after an actual revolutionary accomplishment in space technology, Sputnik, carried a couple of stories recently:



While the independent Moscow Times reports:


on Apr 3, 2017

Mark, it's time for you to take your medication before they wheel you down the hall for the afternoon bingo game.
Enjoy buddy.

on Apr 5, 2017

Week by week, we have watched the remarkable SpaceX team test out the pieces of their plan for lowering launch costs. Think Smart. Act. Fail Fast. Reset. They are learning at an horrific pace, one that is bureaucratically impossible to match.
Here's a test for us older folks: ask every young up and coming engineer where they want to work. SpaceX and Tesla will dominate the list of the sharpest. If I was younger, I would be fighting for an interview in Hawthorne; the building is humming with excitement!

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