Called the Business Aviation Availability mobile app, the new service will feature an “AOG Alert” to give operators instant access to real-time service support. It can trigger deployment of service engineers, logistics specialists, planners and operations specialists to solve an engine issue and avoid a customer missing their next planned trip. The app will go live on Dec. 1.

Rolls-Royce experts typically resolve an aircraft AOG in less than 18 hours, and less than one percent of issues cause the customer to miss the next planned trip.

“This will signal AOGs almost like a beacon,” says Scott Shannon, Senior Vice President for Customers – Business Aviation. The customer can pull up the location of the nearest Rolls-Royce representative and service center and launch, if they wish, their own AOG case and then follow the progress of that case at our main service desk in Berlin as it unfolds. They don’t have to do it that way, but it gives them the ability to dive right into our database in real time and look at all the drivers that are being deployed to fix their AOG problem. It could be quite a game-changing application.”

Well over 2,000 aircraft are enrolled in the CorporateCare pay-by-the-hour maintenance program, and about 70% of new deliveries sign up for it. “We’ve also made good progress enrolling aircraft originally not on CorporateCare when they transfer to a new owner.

“We’ve seen a real big kick up upon transfers of aircraft now that the market, in terms of sales of pre-owned aircraft, is improving, and a lot of customers are recognizing that aircraft on CorporateCare tend to sell in half the time of those that aren’t.”

Rolls-Royce is further extending its global network of Authorized Service Centers (ASC) for its CorporateCare customers beyond the 74 in place around the world today. It is adding ExecuJet Aviation Group, with sites in Melbourne and Perth, Australia; and ExecuJet’s Sydney facility and headquarters for the Australasian region will be upgraded to a Rolls-Royce service hub.

Rolls-Royce is also renewing its contract with Dallas Airmotive as a Mobile Repair Service Center.