Why was Abu Dhabi identified as an ideal location for the new training center?

We have been working as a maintenance training provider for regional customers for several years, so it made sense to establish a long-term solution in the region. We were looking for a state-of-the-art facility, which we found in Masdar City. We chose this location because it is a progressive hub for educational, technical and scientific institutions, providing a modern environment for learning. Masdar City is also close to the Abu Dhabi Airport, so we are able to perform practical training on aircraft. The new training center is designed to offer high quality technical training in an inspiring learning environment.

Will the center be looking for predominantly regional or international customers?

Our new training center attracts both our existing customers as well as new ones within the region and beyond. We have also been offering training solutions for individuals that aspire to get their necessary qualifications for the maintenance business. Our local footprint will bring us closer to our regional customers, and we will continue developing strategic partnerships to strengthening our training offer.

How will work be allocated between Abu Dhabi and the existing site in Zurich?

The overall administration will be independent of location, and will be evenly distributed among both sites. In terms of sales the Abu Dhabi training center will especially focus on the MENA and Africa region, while Zürich will keep focusing on our other markets.

Has the Abu Dhabi center led to new job creation?

We have an enthusiastic team in place in Abu Dhabi to serve our customers, and depending on the business needs we are well positioned to further develop our presence.

Would SR Technics consider expanding the center’s capabilities in future?

Absolutely. We will use our footprint in Abu Dhabi to continue developing our service portfolio. We will drive our transition from a former technical training department to a training services business. Our goal is not only to offer highly qualifying technical training but even more so to accompany our customers with tailor made training solutions. With our immense history and experience in aircraft maintenance we have all that it takes to create the right solutions.