Tiodize has developed new greases that work at temperatures up to 1,400F. When applied to threaded fasteners in jet and other gas turbines, these new T8E greases prevent galling, or the cold-welding of two metals to each other. When galling occurs, parts must be cut apart or drilled out of a hole. So the new Tiodize greases could save substantial time and money in maintenance shops. Tiodize President Tom Adams says the new T8E greases have been approved by General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce.


Development of  the products began many years ago, when the U.S. Air Force came to Tiodize seeking a lubricant to replace silver on threaded fasteners for use at temperatures up to 1,400F. This was a challenge, and it took Tiodize 10 years to meet it, partly because the company could not use any metallic or sulfur-producing materials.

Tiodize first developed 614-T7E/11, a heat-cured coating that could be applied to engine fasteners. Later, a slight change was made to increase the coefficient of friction, and the new coating was dubbed 614-T9B. Both coatings are now used in the powerplants of the major engine manufacturers: GE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, MTU and Snecma.

The companies that make fasteners for jet engines have been using the Tiodize coatings for 15 years. Their nuts and bolts are sent to Tiodize to be coated with the high-temperature lubricant and then sent to the engine manufacturers for use in their jet powerplants.

Recently, Tiodize developed a grease for use on fasteners to prevent galling in jet engines during repair and maintenance. The new grease allows fasteners to be removed easily, even after long exposures to high temperatures. These greases are inorganic and do not contain any metallic or sulfur-producing materials. The latter could cause cracking of high-strength fasteners when exposed to high temperatures. The greases can be obtained directly from Tiodize or through its distributor Fastenal.