Following a “fast and furious” 10 months from launch, Wheels Up’s membership program has expanded into three U.S. regions with a fleet of nearly 20 King Airs, and company founder Kenny Dichter expects to reach into other U.S. regions this year and Europe in early 2015.

Dichter, the founder of the Marquis Jet membership program, formally unveiled plans for Wheels Up August 1 with an order for 105 King Air 350i and a vision of building a membership-based company that provide services for any private air travel need.

Since that time Wheels Up has raised $73 million in equity and lined up $100 million in debt; it is seeking to extend that to another $75 million to $100 million, Dichter says.

King Air deliveries began in November, and by end quarter the fleet will have grown to more than 20 aircraft with plans to take another 17 to 18 more.

Additionally, Wheels Up will be adding its second type this year: 10 refurbished, fully outfitted to Wheels Up customization Cessna Citation XLS. These aircraft are coming from Cessna – some may be taken in by trade, but others may come from CitationAir’s operation. The common theme, though, says Wheels Up president David Baxt, is that they are all low-time airplanes. Wheels Up partner Gama Charters is operating both aircraft types for Wheels Up. Gama Charters is the U.S. affiliate of Gama Aviation.

The aircraft are right now operated in the Northeast, Southeast and Southwest. Dichter expects to grow to other regions as soon as the fleet can accommodate them. Potential expansion regions include Northern California, the greater Chicago area and Texas, among others.

Europe remains an important target for Wheels Up. Plans call for expansion in mid-2015, with a core of three to five aircraft, again operated by Gama. London is a possible base for this operation.

Membership is on pace to reach 500 by the end of June, and is targeted for 1,200 by year-end.

Outside of the King Air and XLS, Wheels Up has lined up a number of partnerships to be able to offer a range of services and options for potential customers. This includes serving as the exclusive marketer for the VistaJet service in the U.S. VistaJet plans to place 12 Globals in the U.S. for this service, which will be operated by Jet Aviation.

Baxt notes that Wheels Up already sees its membership and ridership evolving. While the venture initially attracted CFOs and CEOs, more middle managers, engineers and others are filling Wheels Up seats. The concept, he says enables a “return to private aviation” as it was.