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Podcast: AIA’s Dave Melcher on Tweeting and The Trump Transition

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on Dec 10, 2016

"In an environment where a Tweet can move markets, the head of the Aerospace Industries Association is urging companies to stick to the facts."
- Dave Melcher

A waste of breath. Facts do not matter in the post-truth age.

Persons insisting that there are facts and those facts matter are censured by adoring Trump worshipers.

The aerospace industry will simply have to get used to rule by wee hour tweeted diktats.

Facts are something that mattered in the past and do not matter in the present.

"If we open a quarrel between the past and the present, we shall find we have lost the future."
- Winston Churchill

on Dec 12, 2016

Those greenies communists are going to get hard time, glory days are past tense for the sake of industry freedom and employment rate!!!
Greenies are wrecking our economy, destroying our freedom and blowing our civil liberties.
I wish employment rate is going to shine again for workers and that the greenies are going to be fired by jumbo jet rate!!!

on Dec 12, 2016

Fake news for the "low information voter": New Air Force One Boeing 747-8 to be a stealth aircraft! Watch this get top story on ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN. Progressive's don't need hard facts, just rumors.

on Dec 12, 2016

If this President-elect had a brain he could be really dangerous,America watch out, soon there will only be obsolescent aicraft in the skies over
USA ????? Hope fully NATO will be selfsufficient for the future

on Dec 14, 2016

Order and budget

Mr. Trump has been talking about canceling an order and the fact is that no order has been placed as of yet. The President-elect also said Boeing is building the jet, which is also not the case.

The fact is that after a thorough aircraft process the Boeing 747-8 has been selected to serve as the base for the next SAM aircraft. The only other option was the Airbus A380 and Airbus itself was not interested in providing the Airbus A380 as the base for the new AF-1 aircraft. This left the Boeing 747-8I as the only suitable airframe.

Also about the statement of $4B there is something to be said. Currently Boeing is under a $170 million contract to explore the capabilities of the aircraft. The DoD has a budget of $2.9B up until 2021 and is expected to rise to $3.7B in the final years of the project.

Does this mean that Trump was wrong when he stated over $4B in costs? Not per sé. In March 2016, the United Stated Government Accountability Office estimated costs of $3.2B up until 2020. Adding costs for the years after would bring the total costs to roughly $4.5B. So Trump's statement about over $4B in costs is not necessarily wrong, but it does not fetch with the DoD budget.

Finding exact costs for the current SAM aircraft was difficult, but I did find a figure that estimated costs related to these aircraft of $1.6B. Correcting for inflation that would amount to over $3.5B in costs. So comparing both replacement programs I am not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

on Dec 22, 2016

I suppose I shouldn't be very surprised that when a lobbyist is the guest, he's going to sound like a lobbyist. "What's good for my people is good for America", etc. The Bank of Boeing isn't coming back. Deal with it.

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