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Podcast: Lifting the Veil on Boeing’s New Midsize Airplane


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on Jun 25, 2017

This is an interesting development as I feel it is usually Airbus that lead the way with New Design Aircraft.
The first question that comes to mind is , is there sufficient Market to cover the very high development costs ? although Boeing appear to say that problem has been solved and that this New design will been cost effective to produce and they must think that the Market will no longer be satistfied with N.E.O . on existing Models although when you see how long the 737 has been around with constant upgrades and is still selling very well after some Fifty Years of production.
I am sure that if Boeing makes a move with a New Aircraft Airbus will not be far behind ( if not in front with a new A-322 with a 5,000 Mile Range and a Wider Body of Twin Isle ?)
I could add that I believe the current A-321 N.E.O. has almost 5000 Mile Range now and as we all know is currently a ' Best Seller ' in the A-320 Family which is why Boeing are so desperate to ' Squeeze ' just that bit more out of the 737 to try and ' Tap into ' their Market .

on Jun 27, 2017

Airbus is usually the innovative one with new aircraft design? Gee and Boeing only produced the world's first successful jet airliner 707, the 747, the first widebody jet, the 767 the first transatlantic twin jet, and the worlds first composite jetliner the 787. Airbus was innovative but you kind of show your age on that one. The A320 was innovative for its fly by wire and modern design when Boeing stuck with the 737, and the A300 was an innovative short range twin, and the A330 was innovative long range twin that after 9/11 pretty soundly beat Boeing's 767, but innovation has been lacking in Airbus since the late 1980s. With aircraft such as a failed redo of the 747, the A380, the A340-500/600 an early 2000s failed attempt to beat the 747-200, and the me too 787 knockoff the A350.

Airbus won't be far behind, but another me too product in the form of a warmed over A322 with a new wing is hardly innovative. It might be lower in terms of capital cost, but that's about it.

on Jun 26, 2017

An A-322, if built, will need a new bigger wing but will NOT have a new fuselage width. That would be a NEW airplane, not a derivative. The best part of AB's position is that they can offer much of what a 797 can offer but at lower development cost and sale price.

on Jun 29, 2017

Thanks for your comments fellow Aviation enthusiasts , if Airbus do Build a New Aircraft to follow Boeing it could be the A-360 with New Rolls Royce Designed Engines and a Wide Body Twin Isle. on offer from 2020 2004 ? Although I do feel that the current A-330 N.E.O has a lot of life left in the design for the Future a lot less cost that of a all New Aircraft ? also a All New Carbon Fibre Wing as Boeing have done with the 777 8/9 offers.

on Jun 29, 2017

2-2-2 seating. The added ancillary revenue of two extra aisle seats. Watching the boarding of enough 3-3 airliners, 99% of the population avoids middle seats. I don't think a 2-2-2 design is quite as subtle a product differentiation as a half inch of seat width. It will be a big deal to the travelling public.

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