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Podcast: Electronics Ban Could Cost Gulf Carriers

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on Mar 24, 2017

Of course the ban will hurt Gulf carriers economically. Business travelers will move to carriers not affected (read UA, AA, DL) because those devices are somehow safe on them and passengers will be able to work.

In a TOTALLY unrelated side note, nothing has been heard from U.S. air carriers since early February regarding unfair business practices by middle-Eastern carriers that allegedly give them an unfair advantage in wooing those bound to the U.S. to fly on them rather than U.S. flagged carriers. The last mention was one indicating that U.S air carrier executives wanted a meeting with president Trump to present their case of unfair business practices and to seek some sort of relief from our government

on Mar 24, 2017

Sounds like it is past time to ban Lithium Ion batteries completely as well.

Amazing to see the lack of depth in these opinions. The commenters don't know what they don't know, resorting to calling a threat ridiculous while admitting that they aren't a security expert. They are not privvy to the full spectrum of Intel. The ban is airport related, not airline related. It can be solved by addressing the security lapses at those airports.

on Mar 24, 2017

Even considering commercial and security aspects, I remind you that it's possible to interfere in the flight software throughout your laptop and or IPhone, as experienced before. However banning this kind equipment doesn't solve the issue, I guess ...

on Mar 24, 2017

It is ridiculous to think that banning laptops and tablets will cost anyone anything. IF at all people will feel somewhat safer. Let a few find other carriers. Only the terrorist who are planning something will change flights. Its desperate left wing propaganda that wholesale flight changes will be made..

on Mar 24, 2017

"It is ridiculous to think that banning laptops and tablets will cost anyone anything."

Do you have a clue what portion of the public can't live without their electronic security blankets?

How many in business class view it as essential to be working during flights?

While I scoff at those who consider life without YouTube or PowerPoint meaningless, I cannot argue that those so motivated will not change carriers.

"Its desperate left wing propaganda that wholesale flight changes will be made.."

Do you realize just how silly that sounds?

I see no evidence this ban was motivated by a desire to harm Gulf carriers. I also see no advantage in promoting thermal runaway fires in the baggage compartments of airliners.

I would like a better explanation of the threat as the argument that putting a bomb in the baggage compartment will make it safer seems dubious.

on Mar 24, 2017

Have read a lot of comments on this subject but I still miss one important point. Equipments with lithium batteries are not considered to be safe to be loaded in aircraft bellies. Remember that both Boeing and Airbus have already issued an information to all carriers stating that the actual systems on compartment C of these aircrafts are not a guarantee that the fire can be dealt with. Equipments using metal lithium batteries have the code Z in the emergency response guide. Z means the fire suppression system of the aircraft may not extinguish the existing fire. Consider immediate landing. ICAO and IATA are too quiet on this subject. After the Boeing 787 and Galaxy Note 7 problems are we waiting a disaster to have some real action?

on Mar 27, 2017

Gulf Carriers will definitely come up with a remarkable solution to this problem, something like on-board distribution of laptops as give-away to business / first class passengers. A simple USB, connectable to onboard system, may also solve the travellers problems.

on Apr 4, 2017

There have been several stories world wide implying or stating that battery bombs which cannot be detected by the security line scanners have been developed.

Ok, why is this security alteration not world wide?

What is to keep Abdu Ibn Daesh from moving his operations to some city/Nation not on the list?

The enemy are not idiots. Though leaving a security hole so immense unplugged makes me wonder if we have some idiots on the side of the good guys.

Or perhaps the evidence is so shoddy most of the world is unmoved by it.

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