Its production halted years ago, the Windecker Eagle is soon to be reborn, this time through new owners in China. The first Windecker Eagle I is expected to roll off the line in late 2018 or early 2019. Windecker Aircraft’s restoration and development facility in North Carolina expects to complete work to receive FAA and CAAC type certification validation for the four-seat, all-composite aircraft in the near future. The company’s China-based parent plans to produce modernized versions of the aircraft, which received its initial type certification in 1969, the first all-composite aircraft to earn a TC. However, Windecker built just nine of the aircraft before it succumbed to that period’s recession.  The aircraft’s updates include a Continental IO-550-CB gas engine initially turning a Hartzell prop, with later models powered by an EPS diesel engine, plus a modern avionics package, most probably from Garmin. To support production in China, Windecker Aircraft has constructed 300,000 sq. ft. of new facilities. The company said the aircraft will be produced for China and other Asian markets.